Rabbi Chaim Goldberg

Rabbinic Coordinator

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg has been working for OU Kosher since 2002, where he specializes in the supervision and account management of fish manufacturers, potato processors and companies in Turkey.  

“The OU is a mission driven organization, providing kosher customers around the world with both staples and luxuries and I appreciate the success it has achieved. As a traveler myself, I benefit from being able to find OU Kosher products almost everywhere. Being part of this over 100 year old  organization is a great source of pride for myself and my family.”

Rabbi Goldberg has a special interest in fish farms and the sustainability of  raising fish. In his work at OU Kosher, he’s  traveled  to 5 continents.

Those trips included General Santos City in the Philippines,  Thailand and Vietnam.  His most difficult  trip was his  first to Uganda, which took 20 hours of flying, 20 hours in the country, and then a 20 hour return flight.  

Iceland was the most exotic and the most different from home, of the places he’s visited.   Poland was the most exciting for Rabbi Goldberg because he was able to learn more about the country’s  Jewish history.   Home in New York,  is still his favorite place to be. 

Rabbi Goldberg’s favorite fish has always been smoked Salmon, though as a child he disliked all fish not knowing that Salmon which is often called Lox was a fish.  Once he found out the truth he continued to eat it though he did feel betrayed by the adults he hadn’t shared that fact with him.  Rabbi Goldberg lives with his family in Brooklyn, NY.