Daf ha-kashrus

Tammuz 5770 / June 2010

Vol. 18 / No. 8

• Parasites in Fish By Rabbi Dovid Bistricer
• Alcohol Beverage Alert
• Kashering of HTST/Plate Pasteurizers By Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer
• Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Being Pogem Water By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Glenmorangie Announces OU Certification – Scotland’s Favorite Single Malt Scotch Goes Kosher
• Cholov Stam: An Update From the Farm (and Lab) By Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer
• Rav Simcha Kook, Shlita, From Rechovot Visits OU Kosher
• Electronic Inspection Report (EIR)
• What’s The Beracha On… Larabar? By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Kashruth Alerts!
• Mazal Tov to…

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