Daf ha-kashrus

Elul 5767-Tishrei 5768 / Sept.-Oct. 2007

Vol. 16 / No. 1

• Taking The Show On The Road – Three-Day OU Halachic Adventure wins raves and draws big audiences in L.A., CA by: Stephen Steiner, Director of Public Relations
• Publications: Harry H. Beren ASKOU LA Halachic Adventure Sourcebook
• Kashruth Alerts
• Kashruth Advisery
• New OU Guide: New Expanded Edition of OU Guide to Preparing Fruits, Vegetables & Berries Prepared by: Rabbi Dovid Bistricer
• OU Pas Yisroel Guide (as of Elul 56587 Compiled by: Rabbi Yonatan Kaganoff, Rabbinic Coordinator –Consumer Relations and Kashruth Website Administrator https://oukosher.org/btus_issues/Daf_16-1.pdf

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