Tevet 5770 / January 2010

Vol. 18 / No. 4

• Extended IRUI Concerning Spray Balls and Pipes By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Mail
• Distinguished Guest From Eretz Yisroel Visits OU Kosher
• Condolences
• Kashruth Alerts!
• Kashruth Advisory
• Mazal Tov to…
• Saffron

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Shevat-Adar 5770 / Feb-March 2010

Vol. 18 / No. 5

• OU Policy on Worms in Fish
By Rabbi Chaim Goldberg
• The Tempering of Grains
Its Chometz and Hafrashas Challah Implication
By Rabbi Yitzchok Gutterman
• What’s New for 2010?
By Rabbi Shmuel Singer
• Mail
• Mazal Tov to…
• Kashruth Alerts!
• Ask OU Outreach – Lander College Queens, NY
• An an extended Masah Umatan on Extended IRUI

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Iyar 5770 / April 2010

Vol. 18 / No. 6

• OU Kitniyot Kosher Certification By Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz
• Curious About Kitniyot? By Rabbi Yaakov Luban & Rabbi Eli Gersten
• “Lo Basi Ela Liorer” Chumra D’pischa By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Mail
• Mazal Tov to…
• Kashruth Alerts!
• Ask OU Outreach – Yeshiva of New Haven

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Sivan 5770 / May 2010

Vol. 18 / No. 7

• OU Kosher Oil Manual Sets Industry Standards
• Gatorade Partners with Orthodox Union
• A Package Deal: New “Active Packaging” is Another Consideration in Kosher Certification by Rabbi Gavriel Price
• Kashruth Alert
• Mazal Tov to…
• “How to Kasher” dvd
• Mizmor Shir Liyom Hashabbos
• New OU Kosher DVD explains “What’s Wrong With This Chicken?”
• Ask OU Outreach Events

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Tammuz 5770 / June 2010

Vol. 18 / No. 8

• Parasites in Fish By Rabbi Dovid Bistricer
• Alcohol Beverage Alert
• Kashering of HTST/Plate Pasteurizers By Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer
• Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Being Pogem Water By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Glenmorangie Announces OU Certification – Scotland’s Favorite Single Malt Scotch Goes Kosher
• Cholov Stam: An Update From the Farm (and Lab) By Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer
• Rav Simcha Kook, Shlita, From Rechovot Visits OU Kosher
• Electronic Inspection Report (EIR)
• What’s The Beracha On… Larabar? By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Kashruth Alerts!
• Mazal Tov to…

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Av-Elul 5770/ July-August 2010

Vol. 18 / No. 9

• Starter Culture For Pickling Cucumbers By Rabbi Gavriel Price
• Getting Religious With Slaughter By Dr. Temple Grandin
• Kashruth Alerts
• Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Ain Mivatlin Issur Lichatchila By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Tomintoul Announces OU Certification – Single Malt Whisky from the Scottish Highlands
• Boachem L’shalom – Rabbi Eli Eleff
• Publications
• Mazal Tov to…
• Condolences

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Tishrei 5771/September 2010

Vol. 18 / No. 10A

• Juice Authentication By Rabbi Gavriel Price
• Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Bitul Issur Lichatchila By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Pas Yisroel Products (As of Elul 5770) By Rabbi Yonatan Kaganoff
• What’s The Beracha On… General Mills OU Cereals?
• Mazel Tov…
• Kashruth Alert
• Mail
• Tzaischem L’shalom
• Uboachem L’shalom

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Tishrei 5771/September 2010 – Supplement

Vol. 18 / No. 10B

Harry H. Beren ASK OU Training Special Supplement
• ASK OU From An Educator’s Perspective By Dr. Dov Yitzchok Neal
• It’s A Long Way To Study Kashrut By Stephen Steiner
• ASK OU Training A Pictorial Essay

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Cheshvan 5771/ October 2010

Vol. 19 / No. 1

• What’s The Beracha On…Odwalla Banana Nut Bar? By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Kavush By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Mail
• Kashrus Alert
• Condolences

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Kislev 5771/ November 2010

Vol. 19 / No. 2

• OU Kosher Consumer Hotline FAQ’s By Rabbi Dovid Polsky
• Fundamental Guidelines For Commercial Vegetable Inspection – A Presentation to the 2010 ASK OU Internship Program By Rabbi Yosef Eisen
• New Product – Old World Kosher Sausage
• Mail
• Please Note…
• Mazel Tov…
• Condolences…

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Tevet 5771/ December 2010

Vol. 19 / No. 3

• Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Creating Mirsas By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• AKO Conference At OU Headquarters
• Far Rockaway And The Five Towns – A Pictorial Essay
• DNA Testing On Fish
• Live Webinar On “Kosher Quality Assurance And Food Safety”
• Boachem L’Shalom…
• Kashrus Alert…
• Important Alerts – Dairy Sugar Substitute Packets and Hotel “Green” Room Technology…
• Kashrus Advisory…
• Mazel Tov…
• Condolences…

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Tevet 5771/ December 2010 – Supplement

Vol. 19 / No. 3 Supplement

• OU Cholov Yisroel Listing as of Kislev 5771
• Job Opportunity

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Spring 2010

  • Editor’s Letter: Imo Anochi B’Tzarah: I Am With You
    by Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran
  • It’s Coming Soon: OU Kosher Gatorade is on the Way to Athletic Fields and Store Shelves
  • With Certification of Tootsie Rolls, OU Kosher Shows Its Sweet Side
  • Meet Ellen Gordon, the Candy Lady
  • Peru: What’s Ancient? What’s New? An RFR Travels from Chile to Visit Peru
    by Rabbi Shoshan Ghoori
  • Peru’s Road to Kosher Certification
    by Sandro O. Monteblanco
  • If You Think All Butter is Kosher, You’re Whey Out of Line
    by Rabbi Andrew Gordimer
  • OU Companies Speak:
  • Breakstone’s Butter: Five Generations of Perfection on Bread and Vegetables
  • Nothing Better than Butter!: Award Winning & OU Kosher Certified Organic Valley Butter is the Key Ingredient to Rich Recipes: Sweet, savory and Wholesome
  • Ask the Rabbi
    by Rabbi Andrew Gordimer and Rabbi Eli Gersten
  • It’s Not Child’s Play: Understanding the Complexities of Kosher Baby Food
    by Rabbi Aharon Brun-Kestler
  • Is your OU Kosher Running Smoothly?
  • Our Daily Bread: More than the sum of Its Calories
    by Rabbi Eliyahu Safran
  • North by Northwest: New Beauty Perceived: One OU Rabbi’s Memorable Experience
    by Rabbi Baruch Zvi B. Hollander
  • Can’t Duck the Issue: The Runner Duck Has Lengthy Past but an Uncertain Future
    by Rabbi Chaim Loike
  • O Canada: OU Kosher Participates in Get-Acquainted Event at Canadian Consulate in New York
  • The Science of Kosher Materials
    by Rabbi Eli Gersten
  • OU Companies Speak
  • Danny Devito’s Premium Limóncello: an Iconic Brand For an Iconic Comic
  • With its OU Symbol, L’Chaim Vodka Sets its Sights on a Diverse Audience
  • No. 209 Gin Kosher for Passover: Makes its First Appearance on Holiday Tables
  • OUDirect.org Your Convenient and Free Portal to Your OU Account
    by Rabbi Chaim Goldberg
  • OU kosher Marketing Tips: If You’ve Got It—Flaunt It
  • Off the Beaten Track: A Visit to Armenia, an OU RFR Finds Pleasant People Excellent Products [and is that Noah’s Ark in the Distance?]
    by Rabbi Yisroel Hollander
  • For Bakery on Main Making the Switch from Dairy to Pareve Was No Half-Baked Idea
  • A Package Deal: New ‘Active Packaging’ is Another Consideration in Kosher Certification
    by Rabbi Gavriel Price

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Summer 2010

• Editor’s Letter – Food Matters – The Growth of the Kosher Market

Glenmorangie, Scotland’s Favorite Single Malt, is Now Certified OU Kosher
• An OU Expert Finds He Can Go Home Again – To A Town Where Both He and Scotch Have History
• From the Highlands of Scotland- For the Discerning Palate Comes Tomintoul Speyside Glenlivet Single Malt Whiskey – OU Certified, Of Course
• A 400-Year Tradition – Rudolf Jelinek Makes Slivovitz that Bears Fruit in the U.S.
• Greek Yogurt For The Cultured Among Us
• From The Beautiful Hills Of New York…Creamy Chobani Greek Yogurt- It’s Nothing But Good
• Karoun Dairies – From String Cheese To Mediterranean Specialty Yogurts
• Stonyfield Leaves No Stone Uncovered To Produce Oikes Organic Greek Yogurt
• Ode On A Grecian Yogurt
• Ask the Rabbi
• Mom & Pop Still Dream Big
• Is the Kasha Kosher? Birkett Mills is OU Kosher
• Comfort Me with Kasha
• Peru Revisited – A Rabbi’s Second Trip Opens New Horizons For OU Companies
• Aracouna Chickens – The Presumed Source of the Chickens and their Derivative Breeds
• Vanilla, Hurricane Hudah, & the OU Flavor Department
• OU Kosher Oil Manual Sets Industry Standards
• The Long & Winding Road (To the Nearest Plant)
• Decay? No way! Kosher Preservatives to the Rescue
• If it’s Monday It must be Latvia (with Tuesday in Lithuania and Wednesday in Estonia)
• A Kosher Formula
• Something’s Fishy Here – Omega-3 Can Be Derived from Algae

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