Shevat 5769, January 2009

Vol. 17 / No. 4

• How early can you daven? (part 1)
• Trucking
• ASK OUtreach-Lakewood in Pictures
• Rice Protein Concentrate
• Kashrus Agencies Use Technology To Manage Ingredients
• Kashruth Alert

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Shevat 5769, February 2009

Vol. 17 / No. 5

• How Early Can You Daven? (part 2) by Rabbi Donneal Epstein
• OUP- Whats New for ’09? by Rabbi Shmuel Singer
• Raisins by Dovid Bistricer
• OUKosher Launches “How To” DVD Series
• Organic Certification
• ASK OUtreach-Lakewood in Pictures (Part II)
• Important Notifications!
• OU Public Advisory Regarding Raisins
• Kashruth Alert!
• Mazal Tov to…
• Condolences to…

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Iyar 5769/ May 2009

Vol. 17 / No. 8

• OU Tanker Trailer Kosher Wash by Rabbi Gavriel Price
• Byproducts of Wine by Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Gerber Expands Kosher Baby Food Offerings by Stephen Steiner
• OU Presents How to Check for Insects
• Insect Free: A Guide to Home Vegetable Inspection
• Publications
• Mazal Tov to…
• Condolences to…

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Iyar 5769, May 2009 Supplement

Vol. 17 / No. 8 Supplement

• OU Certified Alcoholic Beverages
• Remembering Reb Gershon a”h by Rabbis L. Steinberg & D. Bistricer
• Kashruth Alert!
• Refuah Shlaimah
• Harry H. Beren ASK OUTREACH Kashrus Shiurim Come to Monsey: Understand Kashrus as You’ve Never Understood it Before

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Sivan 5769 / June 2009

Vol. 17 / No. 9

Kashering Nitzotzos by Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Reconditioned Drums
• Daf Notes
• Nikur DVD For a Prisoner
• Important Notification
• Mazal Tov To …
• Kashruth Alert!
• OU Kashruth in action: A Pictorial Essay

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Tamuz-Av 5769/ July-August 2009 (Summer Edition)

Vol. 17 / No. 10

Kashrus of Sake by Rabbi Gavriel Price
• Kashering a kli sheini by Rabbi Eli gersten
• ASK OU Graduates Receive First Orthodox Semichas in Post-Holocaust Germany
• The DVD’s are Rated OU
• Kashruth alert!
• Mazal Tov to…

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Elul 5769-Tishrei 5770 / Sept.-Oct. 2009

Vol. 18 / No. 1

• Recycled Ingredients Recycled Ingredients by Rabbi Gavriel Price
• OU Kosher Baking Manual Sets Industry Standards
• Report On OU Israeli Food Service Establishments Rabbi Luban’s Statement
• Introducing the “EIR” Electronic Inspection Report
• OU Pas Yisroel Products (As Of Elul 5769) Compiled by Rabbi Yonatan Kaganoff
• OU’s First Advanced Kashrut Seminar For Women
• Constant Review Is Required An Inspection Report

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Cheshvan 5770 / November 2009

Vol. 18 / No. 2

• Webinar Dairy Issues By Rabbi Avrohom Juravel
• Chief Rabbis Visit OU Kosher
• What Beracha Does One Recite On a Granola Bar? By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Ask OU Outreach – Visits Passaic-Clifton Community
• Mail
• Kashruth Alerts!
• Heering® Coffee OU Certification Announced
• Mazal Tov to…

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Kislev 5770 / December 2009

Vol. 18 / No. 3

• The Kashrus of Papain By Rabbi Gavriel Price
• “America’s Favorite Candy” Goes Kosher-OU Symbol on Package of Tootsie Roll
• Ask OU Outreach – Passaic-Clifton
• Mail
• Kashruth Alerts!
• Kashruth Advisory
• Mazal Tov to…
• Condolences

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Spring 2009

  • From the Editor:
    In Times of Difficulty a Question of Meaning
    by Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran
  • Babies Choice Kosherization Awards
    by Rabbi Avraham Stone
  • The Tasty Muffin
    by Rabbi Yisroel Bendelstein
  • That David is One Smart Cookie
    by Rachel Murray
  • At Premier Bakers, They are Passionate About their English Muffins
  • Cheryl & Co, Strives to Be the Best Gourmet Food and Gift Company Ever
  • OU Kosher to Recommend Organic Certification to OU Clients
  • The Fascinating Story of Kosher Gelatin
    by Rabbi Eli Gersten
  • SGS and the OU Combining Kosher Certification & International Food Safety Concerns
  • Ask The Rabbi
    by Rabbi Jacob Mendelson
  • Chicago’s First Artisan Distillery is OU Kosher and Organic
    by Rabbi Jacob Mendelson
  • Lucid’s Lucid Decision
  • No Surprise at Symrise
  • The Perfect Pet of the Pentateuch
    by Rabbi Chaim Loike
  • Colombia Land of (Kosher) Opportunity
    by Rabbi Aharon Brun-Kestler
  • Go South, Young Mashgiach
    by Rabbi Norman Schloss
  • Bazooka Candy Brands Top Selling RingPop Certified Kosher
  • Insect-Free Home Vegetable Inspection
  • New FDA Ruling Opens Door to Innovative Kosher Colorants
    by Rabbi Gavriel Price

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Fall 2009

  • Editor’s Letter: Too Much To Eat- Is Gluttony A Disease Or A Choice
    by Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran
  • Jelly Belly Grows With the OU
  • Recipe for Success: The Making of An OU Restaurant
    by Bayla Sheva Brenner
  • A Peafowl by Any Other Name
    by Rabbi Chaim Loike
  • How Sweet It Is! Jams and Jellies Reflect Their Own Kosher Issues
    by Rabbi David Gorelik
  • Clearbrook Farms: Taste Them Once Be Spoiled For Life
  • Hero Preserve: Blended To Perfection
  • Ask the Rabbi
    by Rabbi Andrew Gordimer
  • Heering Coffee Liqueur Joins Heering Cherry Liqueur with OU Certification
  • At City Winery You Just Don’t Enjoy the Product but Can Make Your Own Wine As Well
  • For Fish and Fjords Norway Can’t Be Beat
    by Rabbi Chaim Goldberg
  • Denomega’s Omega-36: A Complete Omega-3 For The Kosher Consumer
  • Fish From the Fjord Flourished at Fjordlaks
  • Highways and Byways
    by Rabbi Moshe Heimowitz
  • Bakers Cheese: On the Crossroads Between Acid Cheese And Rennet Cheese
    by Rabbi Eli Gersten
  • Franklin Foods In On a Mission To Reinvent Cream Cheese
  • Par-Way Tryson: Preventing Kosher Food From Sticking For Four Decades
    by Rabbi Binyomin Kaplan

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Winter 2009

    • The OU Job Board Responds to the Economic Crisis
    • Editor’s Letter: Israel, Kosher food and the World’s Appetite
      by Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran


  • OU Companies Speak


    • Aunt Berta stir’s the Pot
    • Matzot Aviv: A Family Business that Spans the Globe
    • The Tnvua Story
    • Osem is Honored at OU National Dinner

Kvutzat Yavne: From the Soil of an Israeli Kibbutz

  • Devoting Energy to Saving Energy
    by Rabbi Eli Gersten
  • Fancy Water Stirs Up the Beverage Boom
    by Bayla Sheva Brenner
  • The Partridge of the Prophet
    by Rabbi Chaim Loike
  • Ask the Rabbi: Repacking
    by Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz
  • Not a Day Without Class. Talmud, That Is
    by Bayla Sheva Brenner
  • Down in Old Kentucky: OU Certified Bluegrass Dairy Hits the Finish Line First at the Kentucky State Fair
  • OVAL: The Brand New Super-Premium Vodka Announces OU Certification
  • Cherry Heering and Heering Coffee join the Orthoodx Union
  • Marumatok Winery: Quality Kosher Wines Argentina to the world
  • Atlantic Canada: Vacationer’s delight, OU Kosher Paradise
    by Rabbi Chaim Goldberg
  • Good Golly! Mollicoolz Cryogenic Ice Cream Is now OU Kosher
  • OU Direct Account Managing Tool for OU Kosher Companies Adds Online Ingredient Automation as new Feature
  • When Kosher and Allergen Issues Do Not Converge
    by Rabbi Gavriel Price

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