Tevet 5766 / January 2006

Vol. 14 / No. 4

•    Kashruth Alerts

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Shevat 5766 / February 2006

Vol. 14 / No. 5

• “IN THE BAG” – Kosher Certification of Bagged Salads BY RABBI DOVID BISTRICER RC – Vegetables, Salad Dressings, Sauces, Bake, Fish
• Kashruth Alerts

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Adar 5766 / March 2006

Vol. 14 / No. 6

• OUP: What’s New for ’06? by Rabbi Shmuel Singer
• H2O – Not 2 Simple
• OU Kosher Announces Two New Programs: KOSHER TIDBITS, debuts this week (Feb. 15) on OURadio; A RABBINICAL ROAD SHOW to travel across North America
• ASK Mesorah Conference II by Rabbi Yosef Grossman, Director – ASK OU and Kashruth Education

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Nisan 5766 / April 2006

Vol. 14 / No. 7

• Recovered Water: From the concentration of non-kosher soup, staam yayin, meat, milk or whey By Rabbi Dovid Cohen
• Students Visit OU Kashruth
• Excerpts from the Desk of…
• Kosher Alerts

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Iyar 5766 / May 2006

Vol. 14 / No. 8

• Harry H. Beren Foundation Grant Provides Valuable Support to Orthodox Union’s Growing List of Kosher Education Programs By Stephen Steiner, Director of Public Relations
• The Modern Day Blood Spot Transcribed by Rabbi Yosef Grossman Based on a Discussion with Rav Yisroel Belsky, Shlita
• Kashruth Alert

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Sivan 5766 / June 2006

Vol. 14 / No. 9

• Dairy English Muffins By Rabbi Dovid Cohen, Rabbinic Coordinator
• Kashruth Alert, advisory and notification

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Tammuz-Av 5766 / July-August 2006

Vol. 14 / No. 10

• OU Introduces www.kosherprofessionals.com
• RFR in the News
• Kashruth Alert
• From the Review Dept.

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Elul 5766-Tishrei 5767 / September-October 2006

Vol. 15 / No. 1

• Prof. Grandin Approves Agriprocessors Practices
• Absolutely Marvelous News In The World Of Vodka! Absolut Is Certified Kosher By The OU
• Other Liquor And Liqueur Products Attaining Certification
• Kashruth Alerts
• Special supplement – Pas Yisroel Products (as of Elul 5766)

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Cheshvan 5767 / November 2006

Vol. 15 / No. 2

• OU Leads Kashruth Crisis Conference Rabbanim, Mashgichim, and Businessmen Convene to Resolve Kashrus Crisis By Hamodia Staff
• A Milestone Is Achieved By Regina Avshalumova
• A Chaver Hakollel From Williamsburg Reviews AskOU 8 Summary of OU Internship Program – 2006 By Rabbi Yitzchok Braun
• Kashruth Advisory
• Kashruth Alert

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Kislev 5767 / December 2006

Vol. 15 / No. 3

• Is This Worm Kosher? By Rabbi Dovid Bistricer
• Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Mixes Return to Pareve Status.
• Important Information Regarding Assignments By Rabbi Michael Morris
• OU Dairy Industry Seminar OU’s Rabbi Menachem Genack Named To The Forward 50
• Kashruth Advisory
• Kashruth Alert

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Fall 2006

  • Absolutely Marvelous News in the World of Vodka!
    Absolut is Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union
  • Love your OU Kosher Starbucks Coffee?
    The Fames Symbol Now Graces the Bottles of Starbucks Liqueurs as Well
  • L’Chaim to Absolut Vodka, Starbucks Coffee and Cream Liqueurs, and Don Q Rums
    From the Editor: Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran
  • Inside The World Of Chocolate
    by Rabbi Kalman Scheiner
  • OU Companies Speak:
    Madelaine Chocolates: The Gourmet Chocolate For (OU) Kosher Consumers
    Endangered Species Chocolate: Tastes Good and Does good At The Same Time
    V Chocolates: Loving Life as an OU Company
    Hoffman Chocolates: From the Florida Tropics Comes a Really Hot Product
  • The OU Becomes the Big Cheese At European Dairy Companies
    by Rabbi Andrew Gordimer
  • OU Companies Speak: In A Corner Of Old England, Making Cheese The Old-Fashioned Way At Ashley Chase
  • By George: Dew Lay Royal George Kosher English Cheese has Brought its Quality and Personal Service to the American Market
  • OU Orthodox Union Kashruth Division Presents A One Day Seminar for the Dairy Industry
  • Getting the Flavor of Certifying Flavors: A Primer
    by Rabbi Moshe Zywica
  • Don’t Forget to Take Your Vitmains – Don’t Worry, They’re Kosher!
    by Bayla Sheva Brenner
  • From Puerto Rico Comes Big News in the World of Rum
    Don Q is Now OU Kosher
  • Rum & Coke: Reuniting a Famous Pair, Under the OU Symbol
    by Rabbi Norman Schloss
  • Kosherization made easy>>> Well, Not Exactly Easy, But Understandable
    by Rabbi David Bistricer
  • ASKOU8 – Learning From the Masters: Two OU Late Summer Programs Train the Next Generation of Kosher Supervisors
    by Regina Avshlumova
  • The Simple, But Extraordinary, Industriousness of the Bee
    by Rabbi Gavriel Price
  • OU Companies Speak: At Balparmak—Honeybunch, The Beautiful Turkish Flowers Result In Great Turkish Honey
  • A Honey Of A Story
  • How Tropical Blossom Went From A Backwoods Cabin To Worldwide Sales
  • A Honey Tree Grows In Michigan
  • Gluten Free Certification Organization Moving Ahead; OU Partnership Critical To Program’s Success
  • Marketing Tips: If You’ve Got It – Flaunt It.
  • OU Policy Review

Winter 2006

  • At Last, the UDB Becomes a Reality
    by Rabbi Yaakov Luban
  • Here’s the Buzz on Certifying Veggies as Insect-free
    by Rabbi David Bistricer
  • Why the OU Bugged a Mathematician or Why I’m Going to Think Twice Before Buying any Packaged Product with Fruit or Vegetables that Doesn’t Have an OU on the Label
    by Dr. Bruce Bukiet
  • Bodek Kosher Produce – First in the Kosher Vegetable Revolution
    by Frimet Blum
  • Sally Sherman Foods: Family Values Make Sally Sherman Food a Salad Lover’s Delight
    By Vasili E. Zisis
  • Van Drunen Farms: Commitment to Quality for More Than a Century
  • Sol Dios Tequila: Is a Hit — Not in Record Stores, But in Liquor Stores — Following OU Certification
  • OU’s Longtime RFR’s — Kashrut Supervision Legends in Their Own Time
    by Bayla Sheva Brenner
  • Spray Dryer’s and the Koshering Process
    by Rabbi Raphael Ya’akov Blugrond
  • Sugar Flower Plus: When a Wedding Becomes an Even Greater Celebration
    by Terry Becker and Alex Koffler
  • Market Intelligence: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
    by Elie Rosenfeld
  • World Ethnic Market
    by Rabbi Aharon J. Brun-Kestler
  • Michelman: Your One Source for True Kosher Packaging, with OU Quality Assured
  • Manischewitz Says You Can Have Your (Pareve) Cake Mix and Eat It Too

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Spring 2006

  • Unilever United States – Adding Vitality to Life with the Orthodox Union
  • The Hole Truth: Together, Bagels and the OU
    by Rabbi Yisroel Bendelstein
  • Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee – Especially with the OU Symbol
  • Just Bagels: Crunchy on the Outside, Chewy on the Inside
  • Sound the Bell for Bell’s Bialys
  • Dean Foods Northeast Discovers the Joys of Consolidation
    by Bayla Sheva Brenner
  • Dettling Swiss Kirsch: A Cherry Brandy to Savor for Purity and the OU Symbol
    by Andrea Baumgartner
  • How to put the OU Symbol on Your Label
    by Rabbi Avraham Stone
  • Have a Hot Kosher Question? Call the OU Kosher Hotline and We’ll Set You Straight
    by Rabbi David Polsky
  • An RC Explores the Lifestyles of Chilean Salmon, or, How are you Going to Keep them Down on the Farm, after they’ve Seen Salmones Multiexport?
    by Rabbi Chaim Goldberg
  • Salmones Mutliexport and Aquafarms International
    by Brian MacDonald
  • Marine Harvest’s Emphasis on Quality Includes the Symbol
  • Exploring Glycerin Uses
    by Lynn Grooms
  • Let the World Know You are Kosher. Not just Kosher, OU Kosher
  • OU Announces Certification of Miss Roben’s Allergen-Friendly Baking Mixes

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