Shevat 5765 / January 2005

Vol. 13 / No. 4

•    Setting the Record Straight on Kosher Slaughter By Rabbi Menachem Genack Rabbinic Administrator, Kosher Division, Orthodox Union
•    New York State Kosher Law By Baruch Cywiak OU Trademark Compliance
•    Security and Sealing Devices By Rabbi Howard Katzenstein Director – Business Management
•    Publications The OU Guide to Preparing Fruits & Vegetables Kosher Food Production.

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Adar I 5765 / February 2005

Vol. 13 / No. 5

•    Ingredient Profiles: High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) By Rabbi Gavriel Price Ingredients Approval Registry
•    Torah Thoughts on the Tsunami By Rabbi Yosef Grossman RC, Editor – The Daf HaKashrus

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Adar II 5765 / March 2005

Vol. 13 / No. 6

•    OUP: What’s New For ’05?  By Rabbi Shmuel Singer
•    Publications A New Kashruth Video Release
•    ASKOU – Pesach 5765/2005

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Nissan 5765 / April 2005

Vol. 13 / No. 7

The Mesorah of Quail
By Rabbi Chaim Loike

Passover 2005

Pesach 2005

  • The Sleeping Giant: The Kosher for Passover Market
    by Rabbi Yaakov Luban
  • Keeping Up with Passover Trenditions
    by Bayla Sheva Brenner
  • Not a Half-Baked Idea: Baking for Passover Offers Tasty Rewards
    by Rabbi David Bistricer
  • The Kosher for Passover Snack: A Rarity No More
    by Rabbi Dov Schreier
  • Meeting the Challenge of Certifying Flavors for Pesach
    by Rabbi Nathan Neuberger
  • A Chemical Reaction at Passover
    by Rabbi Eliyahu W. Ferrell
  • Behind the Chometz-Free Certification
    by Rabbi Avraham L. Juravel
  • Continuing a Kosher Tradition… Bumble Bee Seafoods Offers Prime Fillet Kosher for Passover Solid White Albacore
    by Jennifer Hayes
  • The Modern Passover Marketing Story
    by Menachem Lubinsky
  • The Big Three – For Generations, These Firms Have Defines Kosher for Passover Food
    by Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran
  • How Our Seafood Producers Navigate the Waters of kosher for Passover Supervision
    by Rabbi Chaim Goldberg
  • With a Keen Eye Towards the U.S. Kosher Consumer Marketplace, Israel’s Tnuva Dairy Giant Initiates Massive Preparations for Passover
    by Shlomo Stephens
  • A Real Tear Jerker: Here’s the Story of the Relationship Between the OU & Gold’s Horseradish
    by Marc Gold
  • Is there a Doctor in the House? Dr. Praeger is on Call, During the Year and at Passover
    by Rabbi David Bistricer
  • MilMar’s Marvelous Meals
  • Ever Hear of Pasta Ice Cream? Why Dairy Products Must Be Kosher for Passover
    by Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer
  • From Around the World to Your Table: Wine this Passover is Different From All Others
    by Bayla Sheva Brenner
  • Glad Tidings from the World of Plastic Wraps
  • Making a Date for Passover
    by Rabbi Binyamin Kaplan
  • A Special Concern for Wheat Derivatives
    by Rabbi Gavriel Price

Iyar 5765 / May 2005

Vol. 13 / No. 8

•    Peeled Eggs, Onion or Garlic Overnight By Rabbi Dovid Cohen Rabbinic Coordinator
•    An Incident on an Airline

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Sivan 5765 / June 2005

Vol. 13 / No. 9

•    Faxing and Emailing on Friday Afternoon By Rabbi Dovid Cohen Rabbinic Coordinator

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Tammuz-Av 5765 / July-August 2005

Vol. 13 / No. 10

•    Ingredient Profiles: Pareve Natural Cheese Flavor By Rabbi Gavriel Price Ingredients Approval Registry
•    Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow? By Rabbi Howard Katzenstein Business Manager, Trademark Compliance

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Elul-Tishrei 5765-5766 / Sept.-Oct. 2005

Vol. 14 / No. 1

•    The Primary Ingredients In Detergents By Rabbi Yosef Goldberg RC – Bake,Dairy,Oleochemical and Detergent
•    Gluten-Free Hashgacha
•    OU Pas Yisroel Products
•    Now OU Certified
•    Kashruth Alert

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Cheshvan 5766 / November 2005

Vol. 14 / No. 2

•    KO$HER EXPEN$E$ These hypothetical questions were presented to Rav Schachter, Shlita, whose answers, in Hebrew, follow each question.
•    Daf Notes: Surviving The Storm By Rabbi Yosef Nemes RFR-Louisiana
•    In Memory Of Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Klein Z”L
•    Kashruth Advisory

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Kislev 5766 / December 2005

Vol. 14 / No. 3

•    RFR Beverage Alerts By Rabbi Yosef Grossman RC, Editor – The Daf HaKashrus
•    Food Production Safety Training By Rabbi Gad Buchbinder
•    Excerpts From RFR Memo August 2, 2005 By Rabbi Eliyahu Safran Senior RC,Director,Review and Update Dept.
•    Kashruth Alerts and Advisory

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Fall 2005

  • Novoenzymes: Unlocking the Magic of Nature Through (OU Kosher) Biological Solutions
    Experiencing a Maalox Moment: Following Triaminic, the OU Certifies Novartis
    Consumer Health’s Famed Heartburn Remedy
  • Chemical Engineer and Kosher Coordinator
    by Jes Knudsen
  • When It’s Enzyme Time Call on the OU
    by Rabbi Menachem Adler
  • OU Profile: Rabbi Menachem Adler
  • October is National Inclusion Month at the OU
  • New Food Safety Program: Independent Certification Program for Gluten-Free Food Processing Utilizes OU Kosher Expertise
  • “I Have to Check With the Senior Rabbis”
    What Happens When A Question of Jewish Law Goes to the OU’s Poskim
    by Rabbi Dovid Cohen
  • OU PROFILE: Rabbi Dovid Cohen
  • The China Syndrome: Products Help to Fuel Giant Economic Growth
    by Rabbi Mordechai Grunberg
  • The New China: Booming Economy, Growing OU Presence
    by Rabbi Donneal Epstein
  • OU PROFILE: Rabbi Donneal Epstein
  • OU COMPANIES SPEAK: And OU Tea from Argentina Too
    by Horacio Clein
  • OU Certification Suits Sri Lanka Company to a Tea
  • Looking for Kosher Sushi or MSG? If it’s OU Certified, it’s on the New Website Product Search
    by Rabbi Yonatan Kaganoff
  • So You Hate Regulatory Paperwork? The OU Comes to the Rescue
    by Howard Katzenstein
  • The Kashrut of Color Additives
    by Rabbi Gavriel Price

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Winter 2005

  • No Shortcuts for This Shortbread
  • Making Fruit Jelly Kosher: It’s Easier Than Ever
    by Rabbi Gavriel Price
  • The Quest for Perfection at Sarabeth’s Kitchen
  • Clearbrook Farms – “Taste Them Once, Be Spoiled for Life.”
  • This Just In: OU News Roundup
    by Rabbi Avrohom Stone
  • The OU Meets the Challenge of Certifying the Beverage Industry
    by Rabbi Zvi Goodman
  • Putting Your New Beverages on the Fast Track to Approval
    by Rabbi Yitzchok Mincer
  • AriZona Beverages’ Formula for Success: Quality, Packaging, OU Certification
  • An Impulse to Succeed: The Energy Drink Becomes OU Kosher
    by Erin Gabrielle Hecht
  • Water+Vitamins+Nutrients+OU kosher=Vitaminwater!
  • Not a Bolt from the Blue: When Bolthouse Farms Opened a Juice Product Line, It Called on the OU
    by Bryan Reese
  • The Rabbi Stone Road Show Goes to Texas: Wowing Them at Best Brands Dallas
    by Al Turkot
  • Rabbi Stone’s Road Show or, Why Your Kosher Product Is Kosher
    by Shayndi Raice
  • Walt Disney….Hanna/Barbera…Rabbi Ossey…Rabbi Ossey???!!!
  • Food for Thought on Campus: An OU Program Brings a Busy Kosher Kitchen to Cornell
    by Rabbi Joshua Ross
  • JLIC: A Home Away From Home For Jewish Students at Cornell and Eight Other Campuses
  • Helping Santini Foods Meet a New Challenge Helping Santini Foods Meet a New Challenge
  • Kosherfest 2004 Brings Many Visitors to OU Booth
  • The Seventh Annual ASK OU Program

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Summer 2005

  • The Health Benefits of Fish: Without the Fish
    Now Kosher, MEG-3™ Brand Omega-3 Powder and Fish Oil Offer Food and Supplement Companies an Explosive Opportunity
    by Susan Michel, MBA
  • Spring 2005 Kashrut Conference
  • Nothing Fishy Here: Beyond the Four-Year Process at Ocean Nutrition to Make Fish Oil Kosher
    by Rabbi Chaim Goldberg
  • Culture for the Masses: The Complexities of Yogurt Certification
    by Rabbi Andrew Gordimer
  • OU Companies Speak
    Leaving No Stone Unturned at…Stonyfield Farm
    By Chris Halverson
  • Stonyfield Farms: An OU Rabbi’s Dream Company
    by Rabbi Gershon Segal
  • Organic Valley Dairy Cooperative: Independent and Farmer-Owned
    by Jim Pierce
  • An Axelrod to Grind at the OU
    by Jerry Gaube
    Bringing Boom for Business & Consistent Quality to Consumers
    by Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran and Bayla Sheva Brenner
  • The Case of the Baffling Bialy
    by Rabbi Avrohom Stone
  • Shaimos – A Brand Name That Has Withstood Time
    by Rabbi Yisroel Bendelstein
  • When Dreams Become Reality: The Marvels of OU Special Productions
    by Rabbi David Bistricer
  • Michigan Dessert Corporation

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