OU & You with Rabbi Moshe Elefant and Kosher.com

In this video series produced in conjunction with Kosher.com, OU Kosher COO Rabbi Moshe Elefant answers all of your questions about Jewish holidays, halacha, and more!

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Pre-Pesach Guide to Keeping a Kosher Passover (with Naomi Nachman)

Is Play-doh really chametz?

What are the earliest and Latest times to Read Megillah?

Do I need to tovel a dish before giving it in mishloach manot?

What are the guidelines for mishloach manot?

Am I Required to Have a Seudah on Chanukah?

Why Do We Give Gelt on Chanukah?

Which Comes First? Havdala or Menorah Lighting

Can I Bake or Cook While the Chanukah Menorah is Lit?

Candle Lighting When You’re a Chanukah Guest

Do You Still Need to Check Eggs for Blood?

Eruv Tavshilin when one is a Guest:

What if you Forget to Make an Eruv Tavshilin?

The Eruv Tavshilin Procedure:

Why Do We Make an Eruv Tavshilin?

What are the Required Dimensions for a Sukkah?

Halachot Pertaining to Schach Mats:

What Has to be Eaten in the Sukkah?

The Obligation to be Happy on Yom Tov: