OU Mezuzah Project

The signature of a Jewish home is the presence of a mezuzah on the door. The mezuzah embodies the ideal that every Jewish home is defined by belief in Hashem and devotion to Torah values.

Learn how the OU is getting involved

The Mitzvah

In addition to the mezuzah’s iconic symbolism of a faithful Jewish home, our tradition teaches that it provides providential protection for those who reside within the home. In fact, one of G-d's names, ש-ד-י, is prominently inscribed upon the back of the mezuzah scroll. This name serves as an acronym for the phrase שומר דלתות ישראל, [Hashem is] the Guardian of the Doors of Israel. Unlike human kings who are sequestered away and guarded by servants, Judaism teaches that G-d Himself stands as a protector at the threshold of every Jewish home.

The Need

The exponential population growth of the Jewish community and increased engagement in religious life has yielded a significant increase in demand for items of STa”M (Torah scrolls, tefillin and mezuzos). This has led to a flooding of the supply market with individuals producing and selling varying levels of mezuzos with limited assurance of quality or kashrus for the consumer.

Why is the OU getting involved?

The OU’s goal is to protect and enhance mezuzah observance for the North American Jewish community. The halachos of Sta”M are complex and largely unfamiliar to the average Jewish consumer. As a result, there is significant risk of procuring a mezuzah that does not represent an appropriate halachic standard. Moreover, the only model that currently exists provides certification related to the qualifications and skills of the Sofer (scribe), but there is no agency that takes responsibility for supervising the Sta”M products themselves. Direct supervision of the product ensures that the purchaser can be confident that the item purchased is sourced from an approved Sofer and has been inspected to ensure the highest levels of kashrus.  

What is the OU doing to help?

If a mezuzah has an OU symbol on it, the consumer will enjoy the confidence that: 1. The mezuzah was written by a knowledgeable and G-d fearing sofer, was checked by two trained magihim (inspectors) and underwent an AI powered computer scan. 2. Those checks and scans deemed the mezuzah to be kosher lechatchila (kosher according to all halachic opinions). The OU is partnering with other trustworthy non-profit organizations, such as STAMP (www.thestamproject.org), to provide ‘pikuach’ (oversight) for the entire process.


What is the full pikuach (oversight) process?
  1. The OU and its partners will only accept the products of certified and reliable sofrim.  
  2. The unique handwriting of participating sofrim will be documented and referenced by cutting-edge technology to ensure that all mezuzos that are presented are indeed the work of those sofrim. 
  3. Each mezuzah is checked by two separate magihim (trained inspectors for STa”M and experts in the laws of Sta”M). 
  4. Each mezuzah is checked by sophisticated AI powered software. The software is programmed to check the mezuzos for accuracy.  
  5. After the process is complete and the mezuzah is deemed to be kosher lechatchila (kosher according to all halachic opinions), it is wrapped in tear proof plastic. Each mezuzah will be accompanied by an informational card bearing the ‘OU Pikuach’ logo, the logo of the OU partnering organization and the individual mezuzah’s information. 
What is the difference between ‘pikuach’ for mezuzos and kosher certification for food?

The production of every mezuzah is halachically complex, labor intensive, and contains thousands of minute details that affect its kashrus. In providing pikuach for mezuzos, the OU does not expect to eliminate every mistake, only to make them rare, and will make continuous efforts to improve the quality of the mezuzos in the marketplace. We welcome your sharing with us any problems you encounter so that we can further improve.  Write to mezuzah@ou.org.

Does the OU’s involvement make mezuzos more expensive?

No. The OU is providing this oversight as a service to the community. There are no OU organizational fees layered into the final price of the mezuzah.  

How do I get OU mezuzos?

Inquire at to your local Mocher STa”M (STa”M seller) about bringing OU mezuzos to your community.

OU mezuzos are currently being sold at:

  1. www.kosherstam.comOnline
  2. R’ Moshe Stern – Lakewood, NJ(732) 232-5045moshestern99@gmail.com
  3. R’ Gershom Tave – Passaic, NJ (973) 356-3729gershomtave@gmail.com
  4. Shabsi’s Judaica Center – Baltimore, MD(410) 358-2200
  5. R’ Motti (Hebrew only) – Jerusalem, Israel050-413-1764 or s0504131764@gmail.com
  6. R’ Meir Granitsky – Houston, TX – 713-269-3042
Who do I contact about the OU's Mezuzah Initiative?

Rabbi Ezra Sarna, Director of Halacha Initiatives