Kosher Videos

In the past 25 years, the kosher food market has exploded. There are currently hundreds of thousands of products on supermarket shelves that certified kosher.

For Jews, eating kosher is a crucial part of a meaningful tradition that’s more than 3000 years old. However, Jewish consumers aren’t the only ones who scan the supermarket shelves looking for kosher products. Others seek out such highly reliable kosher symbols like the OU for an extra level of supervision. Millions of consumers depend on the OU to help safeguard the integrity and high standards of the kosher food they eat.

This video is an informative presentation of the Orthodox Union certification process. By following the supervision of a simple bakery product, you will learn about the basics of kosher endorsement.

Topics Include:
  • What does kosher really mean?
  • What is kosher supervision?
  • How products become kosher
  • Kosher symbols

The Kosher Standard: The key to a successful kosher program lies in your company’s ability to design an effective system that oversees the many facets of kosher production. The Orthodox Union and your company work together to ensure that your kosher program runs smoothly.

This video presentation provides a valuable overview of the procedures and requirements necessary to produce kosher food, and discusses ways in which your company can enhance the kosher management structure that you now have in place.

OU: The Symbol of Trust. The Presidents and C.E.O.s of companies with Orthodox Union kosher certification speak about the increased marketability kosher certification offers, as well as other benefits that come along with the process.