Kosher Alert Wegmans Cappiello Mozzarella Cheese

June 3, 2014
Brands: Cappiello
Products: Mozzarella Cheese - variable weight packs
Company: Wegmans, Rochester NY

Unauthorized OU

The Orthodox Union certifies Cappiello Mozzarella Cheese when packed at the factory.  Some Wegmans stores obtained 5 pound blocks of OU-D  certified cheese, cut it up into weight variable sizes, wrapped them and labeled them with Cappiello labels that bear an OU D symbol.    The Orthodox Union did not certify the re-packing process, and the OU on those labels are unauthorized.   Corrective measures have been implemented.

This alert does not pertain to the Cappiello twisted mozzarella which are wrapped and labeled under the Orthodox Union’s supervision.