Blue Bunny FrozFruits

August 24, 2007
Brands: Blue Bunny
Products: Assorted FrozFruit Products
Company: Well’s Dairy-Le Mars, IA

Some pareve products are correctly labeled OU on the outer box, but contain wrappers bearing no symbol, OU or OU-D. All dairy products are correctly labeled as OU-D on the outer box and wrappers.

All Frozfruit products, including the parve items, bear a notice regarding milk content. This is due to the concern of microscopic airborne milk particles that could affect individuals with extreme milk allergies.

The status of the products is shown below.

FrozFruit Strawberry OU
FrozFruit Banana and Cream OU-D
FrozFruit Chunky Mango Bar OU
FrozFruit Chunky Pineapple OU
FrozFruit Chunky Tropical OU
FrozFruit Coconut OU-D
FrozFruit Lemon Fruit Bar OU-D
FrozFruit Lime Fruit Bar OU
FrozFruit NSA Chunky Raspberry OU
FrozFruit NSA Chunky Strawberry OU
FrozFruit Pina Colade OU-D
FrozFruit Strawberries & Cream OU-D
FrozFruit Superfruit Pomegranate-Cherry OU
FrozFruit Superfruit Raspberry Acai OU