Fruits & Vegetables


Our Shiitake are perhaps the only Kosher certified Shiitake that are 100% naturally grown, not using greenhouses. Sugimoto shiitake are naturally cultivated outdoors on special sweet sap oak logs. Moreover, our drying and packaging process keeps the moisture content to less than 9% which enhances the Shiitake flavor and VitaminD content. Sugimoto Shiitake promotes 100% […]

Sonomaceuticals, LLC

WholeVine Products makes kosher grape based powders that can be used as fiber and color additions to traditional baked goods, as functional food ingredients or food supplement ingredients. These powders are very high in antioxidants and dietary fiber. They also contain polyunsaturated fats, plant sterols & stannols, tocopherols with no cholesterol.

Palmetto Processing Solutions

Palmetto Processing Solutions is a processor of fruits and vegetables based in Ridge Spring, South Carolina. Our main products are peach based. We currently produce IQF Sliced or Diced Peaches, Aseptic or Frozen Peach Puree, and Custom Sugar packs.


Agroindustrial Company dedicated for more than 180 years to the dehydrated fruit business. We are growers. processor and exporters of premium quality prunes.