Ultrachem Inc

Ultrachem produces Omnilube FGM 2 and Omnilube FGH1046 in 12 ounce aerosol spray cans to compliment our line of synthetic food grade lubricants. These products meet all of the requirements of the USDA and FDA H-1 regulations, 21 CFR 178.3570, and conform to the requirements of NSF and are Kosher approved. They offer extended lubrication cycles, reduce wear and friction, and operate over a wide temperature range. The complete Omnilube line of oils for H-1 incidental food contact is available for compressor, hydraulic, gear and multipurpose applications.

  • Omnilube FGH 1046 Multi-Purpose Oil—Omnilube FGH 1046 is suitable for bearings, oven chains, canning applications, and valves in all segments of the food industry including baking, beverages, diaries, meat and poultry, pharmaceuticals or wherever a premium quality synthetic food grade oil is required. It is ideal on chains, slide ways and equipment surfaces.
  • Omnilube FGM 2 Grease—Omnilube FGM 2 multi-purpose NLGI#2 PAO based calcium complex sulfonate grease offers outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications including use in wheel bearings and as chassis lubrication. Benefits of this product include excellent heat and moisture resistance, a wide temperature range, high film strength, unusually superior water wash resistance, as well as resistance to alkalis and food acids, and reduced friction and wear.


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