Shamir Salads


Shamir Salads was establishes in Israel in 1974 and was the pioneer in producing and marketing chilled Hummus salads for the retail market in Israel
Shamir Salads is an industry leader in Israel, and has successfully penetrated into divers international markets such as the US & Canada, Europe, Far East, and Russia.
Our range of products are based on Chilled Salads (2ᴼ-4ᴼC) with a variety of:
Hummus (selection of flavors), Tahini, Eggplant (selection of flavors), Spicy Carrots, Coleslaw, Beat Salad, Red Pepper, Spicy Tomato etc.
Our salads are known for their high quality and excellent taste.
We carry over 80 different varieties of homemade style chilled salads.

We supply to all the supermarket chains in Israel, private supermarkets and to the food service.
We are the sole producer of the Private Label of several supermarket chains, among them Shufersal.

We export our products successfully worldwide for over 20 years.
We have all the necessary authorization and certificates needed to export to – EUROPE (France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic) USA & CANADA; RUSSIA; FAR EAST (Taiwan).

Our products are based on local fresh vegetables herbs and spices.
Shelf life is between 60-90 days.
All products needs to be in a cold storage 2ᴼ-4ᴼC / 35ᴼ-39ᴼF
We carry the certifications:
ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, HACCP