Russet House Inc.

Russet House is committed to quality and excellence on all levels with our sweet potato products. Russet House is manufacturer of sweet potato products that are “Steam Blanched” for higher nutritional value. Using steam blanching makes our products to have unforgettable taste and higher nutritional values than regular blanched sweet potatoes.

Our products are sold globally, following the premise “to satisfy custom and speciality requirements for global markets”.

Russet House is the only sweet potato manufacture that manufactures Organic, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free Sweet Potato products. We also produce Sweet Potato Biscuits and Hush Puppies which have half the fat of traditional products.

Russet House “The Benchmark” in Sweet Potato Processing

Contact us:
Michael Zieger – VP of Sales – 1 908 872 9228
Plant – 1 450 264 9449