Expanding Horizons: PRL’s Move into the Consumer Market 

Premier Research Labs has long been recognized for its exceptional contributions to the health and wellness industry. Recently, PRL has made a significant leap by expanding its offerings directly to consumers, a move that underscores their commitment to broadening access to their top-notch supplements. 

In our conversation with D’Voya, he provides a comprehensive look at PRL’s meticulous research and development processes and their unwavering focus on maintaining the highest certifications, including OU Kosher.  

OU Kosher: D’Voya, if you could, please give us a general overview of your organization and tell us a little bit about your role. 

D’Voya: Yes, in terms of my role, I’m the Director of Marketing for Premier Research Labs and Quantum Nutritional Labs. PRL is the pilot brand, and Q&L is the spin-off for the consumer market, focusing on sports nutrition, but PRL is dedicated to our practitioners. That’s where we have the certification. 

In terms of the foundation of the business, we are a health and wellness brand. We handle all manufacturing, research and development, sourcing of raw materials, and the entire process to produce our health and supplement line. We’ve been in business for over 30 years. The heart of the business has always been practitioners. 

Historically, our supplements have only been accessible to consumers through their healthcare practitioners. We have nutritionists, medical doctors, chiropractors, herbalists, naturopaths, and other medical practitioners in various fields recommending our supplements to their patients to improve their health and well-being. 

OU Kosher: So, would you say your market is primarily business-to-business? 

D’Voya: Yes, our primary market has been practitioners. However, we launched our consumer website on June 14th, which has been in development for about a year. This will allow our supplements to be accessible to the consumer market. The quality that exists in our development, production, and sourcing of raw materials is comparable to Whole Foods. 

When you compare that quality to the health and wellness market, especially supplements, many brands cut corners on quality or can’t back up their product claims. We have over 30 certifications that confirm the quality and credibility of our products, recommended by practitioners across medical specialties for the last three decades. 

OU Kosher: It must be frustrating for you to maintain higher standards than other companies that don’t have to comply with such regulations. 

D’Voya: Absolutely. It requires more work and checks and balances, especially regarding compliance with quality and FDA regulations. However, it directly impacts our ability to stand behind our product claims and the actual benefits they provide to consumers. 

OU Kosher: How are you conveying this level of quality and these claims to your consumers now that you’re going direct? 

D’Voya: We are doing this in several ways. The brand-new website is designed to have multiple educational touchpoints, so consumers are fully aware of the details of the products, the science behind the sourcing of raw materials, and the Whole Foods base of each product, like fermented beets or magnesium glycinates. 

For practitioners, we provide webinars every month, educating them on how to communicate with their patients using one-pagers. These documents detail the studies, research, composition, and fermentation processes. Practitioners understand the scientific jargon, but we distil it into language that the average consumer can understand, which is where our one-pagers come into play. 

OU Kosher: Who is the average consumer that you’re targeting? 

D’Voya: Everyone. We have hundreds of products, so there is a product for men, women, children, and even pets. Our first pet product, focused on dogs, is launching in July. The ideal consumer is everyone, which is why expanding to the consumer market is something we should have done years ago. For the last 30 years, practitioners have been recommending our products to patients who fit their needs. 

OU Kosher: So, there isn’t one specialized area of wellness you’re focusing on? 

D’Voya: No, it’s quite broad. We cater to various needs across different demographics. 

OU Kosher: I looked at your website, and it felt more technical, almost like a medical supply company. Is that intentional? 

D’Voya: Yes, it speaks to our focus on practitioners who understand the technical details. However, our new website ensures the branding and messaging are appropriate for both practitioners and the average consumer. The new website aims to improve the consumer experience, conversion rates, and the ability to clearly communicate the brand’s value. 

OU Kosher: Hearing you talk about it makes me feel overwhelmed. 

D’Voya: It is a monumental task sorting that out, figuring out what the funnel looks like and how to convey the beauty emotionally. 

The beauty of it is we’ve done it, and that’s what the last year has gone into. But we’ve put more than 12 months of research and preparation into it visually. 

It’s designed to make it easy for consumers to understand what we do and what we’re about. It includes testimonials, reviews, and other information to help balance the needs of both general consumers and practitioners. 

OU Kosher: In terms of marketing, what sort of profile does kosher certification have on the new consumer site? 

D’Voya: It’s huge. It’s important and something we’re proud of. When we originally had this conversation, I believe the invoice came over at the beginning of the month. It was a reminder to discuss how best we can leverage all of our certifications to communicate to consumers that we are backed by credible certifications, which speaks to our quality and ability to stand behind our claims. Being certified by OU Kosher is something we appreciate, and we will continue to maintain that certification. Leveraging it in marketing is crucial to justify the variety of certifications we have. 

OU Kosher: Kosher certification is different than any other certification unless it’s a life-or-death matter like nut allergies or dairy. There is a powerful emotional connection to kosher certification. It’s a necessity for kosher consumers and letting them know you’re embracing that certification is important. 

D’Voya: Yes, which I’m excited about. Thank you. 

OU Kosher: In your new direct-to-consumer marketing, you’re leveraging the testimonials and recommendations from practitioners, right? 

D’Voya: Yes, that speaks to the heart of the business and the credibility factor that everyone craves. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, and practitioners across almost every medical specialty have helped us grow. The products themselves help practitioners grow their practices and have a positive impact on their patients. Up until now, we’ve been somewhat of a secret known only within the practitioner network, but we’re looking to change that with the new website. 

OU Kosher: Will you be selling on other platforms like Amazon? 

D’Voya: We already are. We are selling on Amazon, Walmart, and other platforms. Our digital ecosystem for marketing is extensive, with influencers and affiliates on the Q&L side. 

For PRL, this will be a new expansion of the consumer side to sell directly on our site. 

OU Kosher: In past years, we’ve discussed with Amazon representatives the importance of kosher certification and identifying kosher products. Is your certification front and center for Amazon and other sites? 

D’Voya: Yes, it is present in all of our advertising efforts. It’s even in my email signature. If you pay attention, the highlighted certifications are NSF, USP, our non-GMO project, verified kosher, and USDA. These are in all of our email signatures and communications. 

OU Kosher: As far as product development is concerned, is marketing involved, and do you do that in-house or with other suppliers? 

D’Voya: It’s a combination of both. We are transitioning to ensure marketing is more at the forefront of research and development. This involves identifying gaps in the market or reintroducing products in a better way based on the quality we offer. 

We have two buildings in Austin where research and development, production, testing, and sorting of raw materials occur. If a material doesn’t pass quality, it doesn’t get used. Some suppliers are looped in to ensure they meet our quality standards. 

OU Kosher: How do you monitor the quality from your suppliers? 

D’Voya: It comes down to clear communication and product-specific processes. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. We ensure the quality department and R&D department communicate the product specifications and expectations clearly. Documentation ensures the specified quality is met, and it helps us comply with FDA regulations. 

OU Kosher: Can we argue that you’re exceeding FDA regulations in some cases? 

D’Voya: Absolutely. That’s what allows our brand to last without having expanded to the consumer market until now. 

OU Kosher: That makes sense. 

D’Voya: This way, we can stand behind our products and clearly communicate the brand story. Many competitors have better marketing but inferior products, often cutting corners to increase profit margins. I’ve been in the industry for 12 years, and many products out there contain undesirable components like plastic in capsules. We ensure our products are of the highest quality and transparency. 

We provide proof of our product claims and the positive impacts on patients, whether it’s cognitive support, mental well-being, energy boosts, or hormonal balance. We go the extra mile in sourcing and quality to ensure our products meet high standards. 

OU Kosher: It sounds like you’re ahead of the curve in a market where consumers have high expectations and knowledge about what they’re buying. 

D’Voya: Yes, and we plan to continue growing. 

OU Kosher: Thanks for your time today.  

D’Voya: And thanks for helping us get the word out.