Oxea Corporation

OXEA is one of the world’s largest suppliers of oxo-products. Products manufactured at our Bay City, Texas facility are kosher certified and include: Isobutyl Acetate, n-Butyl Acetate, n-Propyl Acetate, Isobutanol, n-Butanol, n-Propanol, n-Butyraldehyde, Propionaldehyde, n-Heptanal, n-Nonanal, n-Undecanal, n-Heptanoic Acid, Pelargonic Acid, and Isononanoic Acid. Our products are not sold as consumer products, but are utilized as “raw materials” by producers of plastics, fibers, chemicals, solvents and other industries. Uses include latex paints, oil-based paints, household cleaners, brake fluids, solvents, safety glass, inks, herbicides, grain preservatives, feed supplements, synthetic lubricants, metals working fluids, detergents, cosmetics, printing inks, lacquers, flavoring agents and perfumes, paint solvents, pharmaceuticals, and film.