Oleificio Salvadori Bruno di Salvadori Patrizio

Oleificio Salvadori of Florence established back in 1900 by the Salvadori family has been in the market for over a century and since then has additionally specialized in producing and distributing olive oil to the most important distribution channels worldwide. This is a family-run business, with a steadfast belief in its Tuscan artisan-based heritage and tradition where the chairmanship, handed down from father to son, is now in the hands of Patrizio Salvadori who has positioned the firm in the upper-tier of the market in Italy and worldwide. Today the company is located in Florence and it holds a leading position in its business in Europe with a yearly turnover of € 150 million. With most of the clients we have been maintaining relationships for several decades, this means a large amount of expertise, information and market knowledge reinforced through continuous contacts to scientific and governmental institutions.