O-AT-KA Milk Products Co-op, Inc.

O-AT-KA Milk Products is an innovative dairy cooperative and proven leader in developing and manufacturing high quality products for global customers. With over 45 years of experience, O-AT-KA helps customers identify and capture market opportunities by providing a single source for ingredients, product R&D and manufacturing.
O-AT-KA utilizes advanced manufacturing capabilities, unique ingredients, innovative packaging and breakthrough technology to develop superior performing products. Product categories include refreshing, indulgent, healthy and nutritious beverages and dairy based ingredients to meet a wide range of customer requirements. Products range from iced coffees/teas, protein and chocolate beverages, to ultra-filtrated bulk fluids, dry powders and specialty blends.
O-AT-KA does it all in a state-of-the-art facility, staffed by highly skilled personnel, obsessed with customer service.
O-AT-KA: Innovative Solutions – Proven Results