In 1907, Christian and Emma Musselman (Mennonites of Pennsylvania Dutch decent) bought orchards and a local canning company in the heart of Pennsylvania Apple Country. The family provided much needed canned goods for the servicemen during World War I. But in 1920, Christian became obsessed with a new product idea, and he built the first machinery to make canned apple sauce.

Over the next few decades, Musselman’s® became a leading brand of apple sauce in American grocery stores, and won over generations of families with their “Quality You Can Taste”. Musselman’s Apple Sauce was the first apple sauce in single serving cups, in easy-to-open plastic jars, and the first apple sauce to be sweetened with Splenda. When you’ve been around for over a century, you have a lot of firsts.

Musselman’s continues to provide generations of satisfied families with a harvest of quality Apple Sauces, Premium Apple Juice, and of course our Pennsylvania Dutch Apple Butter.