Leng-D’Or SA, based in Barcelona, Spain was founded in 1964 and is the
world’s leading supplier of snack pellet and extruded particulate
ingredients. It offers over 150 different product shapes & formulations made from potato, corn, wheat, rice, soy and multi-grain bases. Leng-D’Or has three fully equipped; state of the art ISO certified factories with a pilot plant facility to meet all customer requirements. Two plants are located in Barcelona (Spain) and a newly opened in New Jersey (US). Snack pellets produced by Leng-D’Or use 100% natural ingredient bases, and are GMO-free. We can also offer to our customers the supplying of packed snacked products in retail bags either baked (low fat) or in its fried version. You are welcome to check our Website, http://www.lengdor.com, where you will be able to access our main product portfolio.