Drumm Inc./ Drumm Tankwash, Inc.

At Drumm, Inc., we provide national industrial service solutions for companies utilizing rail. Our specialty is food grade tank car cleaning and keeping our customer’s fleets kosher. We have extensive capabilities with many vessel types, providing repair services on most types of rolling stock and other bulk containers. We also offer Trans-loading, Residue Management and many other services.

Cleaning tank car interiors that haul food-grade oils, fats and alcohols is the heart of our business. Our detailed cleaning services allow our customers the advantage of changing the commodities hauled to keep fleet sizes down. We prepare tanks for inspections and repairs reducing down-time and overall maintenance costs. We also remove buildup of heavy heel to keep the full carrying capacity of the vessels and maintain cleanliness prior to loading, ensuring the integrity of the commodity being delivered. We are able to work within the specific needs of the customer to assure that the integrity of the products carried is always preserved.