Bhole Baba Dairy Industries Ltd.

Bhole Baba Dairy Industries Ltd. situated at Aligarh, U.P. State (India) is one of the leading manufacturer of Quality Milk Products. Westfalia has installed the casein plant and Alpha Level has installed the Lactose/WPC – 35 & S.M.P. plants. The total area of the plant situated is 20 acres of land. It is completely ultra modern plant with all hygienic conditions to be taken there for giving the best product.

We are manufacturing following range of products at our plant:
Acid casein, Whey Protein Concentrate – 35, Lactose, Butter, Indian Pure Ghee, Skimmed Milk Powder ADPI Extra Grade etc. Our plant having capacity of 7 lac liters milk handling per day and manufacturing 500 M.T. of Acid Casein, 350 – 400 M.T. of Lactose, 150 M.T. of Whey Protein Concentrate per month and 1200 M.T. of Skimmed Milk Powder.