Bee-ing Kosher:Grupo Bio Vital’s Natural Approach to Wellness

Introduction to Biovital’s Mission and Products 

OU Kosher: Could you give a general overview of what your company does and your products? 

Israel Salazar: Our company, based out of Cartagena, operates primarily from our office in Bogota. We specialize in products aimed at boosting the immune system, particularly targeting respiratory problems and flu symptoms. Our main product focuses on strengthening the immune system using a propolis mix. 

Our products are entirely natural and organic, sourced from Colombia. We’re currently working on obtaining an organic certification, following our successful attainment of the OU Kosher certification. The key ingredient in our products is honey, which not only contributes to health benefits but also gives a rich and pleasant flavor. 

Regarding our market reach, we are currently serving Colombia and North America. We’ve expanded our distribution to various supermarkets, especially in the Miami, Florida, and Georgia areas. Our products are also available on Amazon. 

The Role and Benefits of Propolis in Biovital’s Products

OU Kosher: Could you explain what propolis is and its significance? 

Israel Salazar: Propolis is a substance obtained from trees in Colombia, found on branches and leaves. Bees collect it and use it in their hives as a form of protection against other insects. It acts as a natural defense mechanism in hives, an aspect we emulate in our products to boost the human immune system. Propolis, in its essence, is a natural protective agent, and we utilize its properties to safeguard human health, especially in enhancing immunity. 

Biovital’s Current and Future Product Lineup

OU Kosher: What products are you currently selling, and are there any new products planned? 

Israel Salazar: Our primary product is a blend of propolis with honey, ginger, and various components, designed to be entirely natural without any added alcohol or water. This makes our product unique compared to others in the market. We are also in the process of developing a dietary supplement, which will be lighter and more liquid in texture, compared to the honey-based density of our current product. This new supplement aims to provide energy and is designed for possibly a fitness-oriented market. 

Choosing OU Kosher Certification: A Strategic and Personal Decision

OU Kosher: Why did you decide to get kosher certification? 

Israel Salazar: We pursued kosher certification to extend our reach to the Jewish community, as our distributors indicated a significant Jewish presence in our target markets, especially in areas like Miami. Being Jewish ourselves, it was also a personal goal to make our product accessible to our community. We chose the OU certification for its recognition and trustworthiness, particularly in North America. 

Educational Initiatives on Propolis and Bee Conservation

OU Kosher: How are you educating consumers about Propolis? 

Israel Salazar: We use social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram to educate our audience about propolis, its benefits, and our production processes. We also have a project called ‘Save the Bees,’ a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating sanctuaries for bees and promoting their importance in nature and for our products. 

OU Kosher: Could you share more about your personal involvement and history with the company? 

Israel Salazar: I met Rafael, who has been working with this product for over 20 years, in our Jewish community in Bogota. Seeing the potential in natural products and their benefits, I decided to join and expand the business, particularly focusing on marketing and distribution in North America. We are committed to using natural ingredients and contributing positively to consumers’ health without causing collateral damage, often seen in non-natural health products. 

Advice for Aspiring Health and Wellness Entrepreneurs

OU Kosher: Do you have any advice for people starting a business in the health and wellness area? 

Israel Salazar: My advice is to focus on natural ingredients and organic production. Nature offers immense benefits, and by harnessing these, we can provide products that are not only effective but also safe for all age groups and health conditions. It’s important to follow your passion for genuinely helping people and making a positive impact on their health. 

Closing Remarks: A Commitment to Health, Nature, and Kosher Practices

OU Kosher: Thanks, Israel, for sharing your insights with us. It’s heartening to see Grupo Bio Vital’s commitment to natural health solutions, and your commitment to OU kosher-certification. It’s not just about your products, but also about your dedication to sustainability and ethical practices, like your bee conservation efforts. We’re eager to see your continued growth and the positive impact on your community. 

Israel Salazar: Thank you for this opportunity! We’re excited to be part of the OU Kosher family and look forward to sharing our products with a wider audience. Our journey is all about health, nature, and respecting traditions.