Aleta Collagen Bovine Kosher Collagen Peptides Powder

Hana White, the founder of Aleta Collagen, grappled with joint pain and skin dullness. After many attempts with different supplements, she discovered the collagen. Not happy with the low-quality options in the market, Hana embarked on a mission to develop a line of premium collagen sourced from grass-fed cows. She forged a partnership with Gelita to ensure complete traceability and launched Aleta Collagen in 2023.

Hana remains actively involved in overseeing the production and research, ensuring that each batch of Aleta Collagen upholds her stringent standards. Her commitment to the efficacy of collagen continues to improve the lives of women globally.


OU KOSHER: Can you describe the process of making your Bovine Kosher Collagen Peptides Powder kosher-certified? 

ALITA COLLAGEN: The process for Aleta Collagen’s kosher certification is thorough and starts from the very source. We use OU kosher collagen from animals that are slaughtered according to kosher standards. Post-slaughter, the animals undergo rigorous inspection, including lung checks, to confirm their kosher status. The hides are then carefully tagged, segregated, and processed in a special kosher manner. This ensures the integrity of the collagen production, with facilities being kosherized before processing our product. 

OU KOSHER: What makes Aleta Collagen’s product stand out from other collagen products? 

ALITA COLLAGEN: The distinction of Aleta Collagen lies in its OU certification, ensuring authenticity and adherence to kosher standards. Unlike other brands, our product’s kosher status is rigorously validated. We collaborate with Gelita, the leading gelatin and collagen manufacturer, to produce PeptiPlus SB collagen. This not only guarantees quality but also assures ethical sourcing and animal welfare. 

OU KOSHER: What are the benefits of collagen peptides, especially in your product? 

ALITA COLLAGEN: Collagen peptides, also known as hydrolyzed collagen, are readily absorbed by the body, aiding in skin, hair, nail, joint, and bone health. Aleta Collagen’s product is formulated through a specialized process that maximizes the bioavailability of these peptides, ensuring optimal health benefits for our consumers. 

OU KOSHER: How do you ensure ethical sourcing for your collagen? 

ALITA COLLAGEN: Ethical sourcing is a cornerstone of our operation. From the treatment of animals to the welfare of workers involved in the process, Aleta Collagen ensures that every step adheres to the highest ethical standards. Our partnership with Gelita reinforces our commitment to responsible business practices. 

OU KOSHER: What inspired the creation of Aleta Collagen, and why focus on kosher products? 

ALITA COLLAGEN: The foundation of Aleta Collagen was driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the community. Focusing on kosher products allows us to cater to a specific market need while maintaining high standards of quality and ethics. 

OU KOSHER: How does Aleta Collagen maintain its commitment to quality and ethical sourcing? 

ALITA COLLAGEN: Our commitment is reflected in our consistent sourcing from high-quality providers and our dedication to supporting the Jewish community. We ensure that every batch of our product meets the same exemplary standards. 

OU KOSHER: Are there plans to expand the Aleta Collagen product line? 

ALITA COLLAGEN: Yes, we plan to diversify our product offerings, including introducing kosher bovine iced tea and collagen lemonade. Our goal is to innovate while staying true to our core values and market needs. 

OU KOSHER: How has founding Aleta Collagen impacted your perspective on health and wellness? 

ALITA COLLAGEN: Establishing Aleta Collagen has significantly influenced my understanding of health and wellness. It has reinforced the importance of a balanced diet and lifestyle, emphasizing the role of ethical and health-conscious products in improving overall well-being.