HONORABLE MENTION: Yaakov Holi, Brooklyn, NY – The Jewish Center For Special Education (Chush), Grade 3


Hi, My name is Yaakov Holi. I am 10 years old. I go to a yeshiva called the Jewish Center for Special Ed. I am in the third grade. I am writing to you today in reference to your Annual OU essay contest.

In the next few lines, I will tell you about my favorite OU nosh, called ZOURS. I like zours, because it has a very sour taste. My favorite zour color is green.

Sometimes I save up my Chanukah and Purim money that I get, to buy ZOURS. They are not expensive, which makes it possible for me to buy it often. Thank you very much for giving your OU stamp on Zours, so that I can eat it.

Now, I would like to tell you about my next favorite nosh, which is LAFFY TAFFY. I like laffy taffy because it has jokes in the back of the wrapper. I also like it because it has very good flavors. My favorite laffy taffy color is green and pink. The pink tastes sweet and yummy. The green laffy taffy is sour, and I like it for that reason. I also like the fact that laffy taffy comes in different sizes, so that I can get the size that fits my taste and pocket. Its also a very good shape, which makes it easy for me to store. I like to share it with my friends in school. The big ones are only $.25 which makes it affordable for me to buy. The small ones are $.10 which is a very good price too. Thank you very much for putting your OU stamp on the worlds best laffy taffy.

I feel very good eating things that have an OU on it, because then I know that I’m eating Kosher. Whenever I shop in the grocery, get something from a friend, I make sure to look out for the OU symbol. Thank you for putting your OU symbol on the best nosh!!

OU Kosher Staff