Talenti: The Kosher Advantage

Kosher is a niche market that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Companies recognize the value of the kosher logo as an extremely important tool to enhance their products’ marketability.

“Often labels will sport an ‘O’ with a ‘U’ inside. This is the stamp of approval of the largest kosher-certification body, and basically means there’s no need to read the label….”  –Wall Street Journal

The Leader in Kosher Consumer Products

Working with OU will propel your brand’s to the top of kosher consumers’ consciousness.

Talenti is dedicated to the strict principle of authenticity by committing ourselves to the 500 yr old tradition of handcrafted gelato e sorbetto created with unparalleled artisanship. We incorporate the finest ingredients available by importing raw materials from around the world to enhance our recipes. No detail is ignored and no shortcuts are taken.

Talenti Gelato and cone OU Kosher certification

Because we use way more fresh milk than cream, our gelato not only tastes great – it also has less fat than regular ice cream. And with our sorbettos containing no dairy at all, we have something for everyone to enjoy.

In order to achieve optimal creaminess and rich flavor, we make sure not to overrun the gelato.Overrunning would pump extra air into Talenti, and while other ice creams do this to increase volume, we feel that people already get enough air flavor as it is.

After all the Talenti-making is done, we package it in clear, recyclable, BPA-free jars to keep it fresh and to give everyone a not-so-sneaky peek of the deliciousness inside. And what’s even more great is that they’re perfectly reusable for storing all sorts of things, except maybe presents, because the whole see-through thing would probably ruin the surprise. But everything else–perfect.


Talenti Gelato OU Kosher certification

The end result: Freshly made and all natural Talenti gelato e sorbetto that is uniquely creamy, intensely flavored, and surprisingly healthy.