Dream: The Kosher Advantage

Kosher is a niche market that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Companies recognize the value of the kosher logo as an extremely important tool to enhance their products’ marketability.

“Often labels will sport an ‘O’ with a ‘U’ inside. This is the stamp of approval of the largest kosher-certification body, and basically means there’s no need to read the label….”  –Wall Street Journal

The Leader in Kosher Consumer Products

Working with OU will propel your brand’s to the top of kosher consumers’ consciousness.

At Dream, we’ve combined the finest ingredients to create the dreamiest non-dairy confections that are lactose-free and cholesterol-free, with no trans fat.

 Why Plants?

Almonds: The Ultimate Nut

Our almonds come straight from the fertile fields of California’s Central Valley. California does more than grow the majority of the world’s almonds – it grows the best almonds available anywhere.

almonds OU Kosher certification


Crunchy, Creamy Cashews

Originally native to northeastern Brazil, the cashew tree is now common in many tropical areas. Once largely ignored in favor of other nuts, cashews began to increase in popularity in the early 20th century because of their unique flavor and mouthfeel





Rice – How Sweet it Is

Rice is one of the main sources of nutrition for billions of people – nearly half the world’s population relies upon it. Rice is easy to digest, making it the perfect base for your everyday alternative to dairy.

 So Much To Love About Soy

Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 grams of soy protein a day may reduce the risk of heart disease. And because soybeans require less water and energy to grow than other forms of protein, soymilk is a good choice for the planet as well.

Discover Sprouted Rice

Sprouted rice is just like the traditional rice enjoyed around the world – with one big difference. Sprouting is the practice of germinating seeds to allow tiny sprouts to form at the end of the grain, enhancing the absorption of nutrients by the body.

Crack Into Coconut

With their “unique” hairy brown shell, who would think that coconuts have so much goodness inside? Coconuts contain medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that are more readily metabolized than long chain fatty acids and ultimately support metabolism.

coconut OU Kosher certification