Zevia: The Kosher Advantage


The Rise of Zevia

Zevia was launched in 2007 as an alternative soda for those who want to avoid both added sugars and artificial sweeteners. The Los Angeles-based company produces zero-calorie soft drinks sweetened with stevia and erythritol.

With 15 different flavors (Cola, Cherry Cola, Dr. Zevia, Ginger ale, Lemon-lime Twist, Grape, Black Cherry, Cream Soda, Orange, Strawberry, and Mountain Zevia), Zevia is on a mission to reduce sugar consumption, use clean ingredients, and create delicious and refreshing beverages.

The Role of the OU

At some point during the company’s impressive growth phase, the modern beverage company partnered with OU—the world’s largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency—to add its kosher symbols to a number of its products. Why?

Zevia is committed to reaching the masses: Equally important to our commitment to clean ingredients is our commitment to supporting communities and lifestyles that feel the same way.

By adding the OU symbol to its products, Zevia is sending a message of inclusivity to the Kosher community.

Zevia sparkling soda OU Kosher certification

OU Provides the Competitive Edge

And when over $150 billion in kosher certified products are consumed annually and the OU kosher symbol appears on close to 70% of America’s most popular kosher certified foods, it’s a smart move.

“Often labels will sport an ‘O’ with a ‘U’ inside. This is the stamp of approval of the largest kosher-certification body, and basically means there’s no need to read the label….”  — Wall Street Journal

Busy shoppers don’t have time to stop and read labels. They will choose the products that have a clear kosher certification. Because of this, a product with a prominent OU symbol is more likely to make it into a shopper’s cart.

There is clear evidence that kosher symbols boost market share and win more highly coveted shelf space—a kosher product will outperform a non-Kosher product by 20%.

Zevia recognizes the kosher logo as an extremely important tool to enhance their products’ marketability. They know that because products with the OU symbol sell faster, stores favor OU certified products and give them the best shelf space. Ultimately, this generates more sales, and leads to an increase in business.

Zevia zero calorie soda OU Kosher certification


OU Signifies Quality

Smart brands, like Zevia, know consistency builds brand loyalty, too. And because the OU carefully reviews all ingredients and production practices before granting its seal, consumers trust the OU seal. When that seal appears on their products, food industry personnel, kosher inspectors, and shoppers inherently trust Zevia, too.