Animal friendly, sustainable, and a healthier alternative, Zero Egg is the plant-based egg for everyone. The company believes a plant-based egg should be an everyday choice and is on a mission to make healthy and sustainable food accessible to everyone. With a feather-light footprint, Zero Egg offers the taste and texture of an ordinary egg, has better-for-you attributes, and is easy on the planet. Zero Egg is made of a proprietary blend of plant proteins including soy, potatoes, peas, and chickpeas. With only 15 calories compared to 68 calories in an actual egg, it is not only low in calories, but has no cholesterol and is low fat.

Manufacturing Zero Egg uses 92% less land, 93% less water, and 93% less energy, and requires 59% fewers greenhouse gas emissions than eggs from hens. Zero Egg is determined to meet the growing demand for egg alternatives that taste, cook, and function like ordinary eggs, specifically in foodservice and food manufacturing. In addition to the U.S. Zero Egg is also distributed in Israel and Europe. The company received early accolades at launch, including Calcalist’s 2019 Food Innovation competition in Israel.

Founding Story:

Zero Egg was founded in 2018, in the Strauss The Kitchen-hub, a center for startups in Israel supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority. Liron Nimrodi, a business leader with background in food engineering and marketing, co-founded the company together with Zero Egg’s inventor, Amiel David, an experienced food industry veteran. David worked together with scientists for 5 years until reaching a versatile egg alternative formula that was the first prototype of Zero Egg.


Liron Nimrodi is a plant-based foodie that has avoided animal products for 15 years. She is passionate about making the world a better place by providing plant-based food solutions.

Nimrodi holds a B.S.c degree in Food Engineering, having started her career as a Food Technologist. After observed firsthand the manufacturing processes and additives that go into modern food production, as well as effects of animal cruelty caused by the factory farming industry, she decided it was not something she was willing to accept or compromise.

After several years as a Food Technologist, she decided to move to the business side so that she could have a bigger impact on the food choices offered to consumers. After receiving a MBA degree, she continued her journey working for Nestle as a Marketing & Innovation Manager and then moved on to work at SodaStream. During this time, it was clear to her that people desired to eat healthier, but consumers were unwilling to compromise on taste and texture.

Nimrodi looked for ways to change that and bring people better food without conceding, so when Strauss-The Kitchen, an Israeli food-tech hub, offered her to co-found Zero Egg she immediately saw the opportunity to make the impact that she was looking for. With this new venture, she could revolutionize the egg industry by bringing a plant-based egg that functions like an ordinary egg, offering consumers a healthier food choices, without compromising on taste and texture. Zero Egg is available for foodservice establishments to offer patrons a better-for-all plant-based menu options – whether eating breakfast away from home, grabbing a sandwich on-the-go, or enjoying a scrumptious dessert.

Since founding Zero Egg in” The-Kitchen hub” in August 2018, she is most proud of assembling a passionate team of more than 15 people, of which 65% are women as she strongly believes in promoting diversity in the business world.

Nimrodi is also a proud mom of two teenage boys, Omer and Noam. Her passion for good food is also fueled by her desire to protect the planet for future generations, including her sons.

The Role of the OU

During Zero Egg’s impressive startup growth phase, the emerging plant-based egg company partnered with OU—the world’s largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency—to add its kosher symbols to its Zero Egg Liquid and Zero Egg Patty products.

Of this partnership, Joe Loria, the Director of Marketing & Communications for Zero Egg says: Zero Egg is proud of its Israeli roots. We’re on a mission to offer the world a better-for-all egg that can meeting everyone’s dietary needs. We’re thrilled to partner with OU and help ensure Zero Egg is truly the egg for everyone, including those who are looking for a Kosher certified plant-based egg product.