About The Company

Zero Acre Farms is a food company on a mission to give the world an oil change by replacing destructive vegetable oils with healthier, more sustainable oils and fats made by fermentation.

Vegetable oils are now the most consumed food in the world after rice and wheat, and comprise 20% of our daily calories. More vegetable oil is produced globally than all beef, chicken, shrimp, and cheese combined, leading to record rates of deforestation and carbon emissions. Vegetable oil consumption is also causally linked to chronic disease, including heart disease, which is now the leading cause of death worldwide.

That’s why we’re  brewing a new category of healthy oil made by fermentation — not deforestation — called Cultured Oil, with a small environmental footprint and unparalleled healthy fat profile.

Our Product: Cultured Oil

​​Cultured Oil is a neutral-tasting cooking oil that’s high in heart-healthy and heat-stable monounsaturated fat. It has a sky-high smoke point of 485°F and also has one of the lowest linoleic acid levels on the market — less than 3%.

Unlike other cooking oils, you can use it for everything from salad dressings (that won’t clump in the fridge) to sauteing and deep frying (because of its high smoke point and oxidative stability).

Cultured Oil uses 85% less land than canola oil, emits 86% less CO2 than soybean oil, and requires 99% less water than olive oil, making it the natural choice when it comes to sustainability.

What It Means to Be OU Kosher 

At Zero Acre Farms, our dream is for everyone everywhere in the world to be able to enjoy the foods they love without destroying their health or the planet’s. While almost every culinary tradition uses some kind of cooking oil, not all vegetable oils are kosher because they share equipment with animal foods.

Similarly, environmentally-problematic factory farms, or concentrated animal feedlot operations, are in part propagated by the production of vegetable oils. After being pressed for oil, vegetable oil crops like soybean, rapeseed (canola), sunflower, cottonseed, and corn are turned into starchy leftovers, or “meals,” that make up a large bulk of factory farm animal diets [,].

Cultured Oil is our first step toward a food system that doesn’t do so much harm, without sacrificing the foods we love.  We can only succeed if we deliver oils and fats without compromise, by doing a better job of giving consumers everything that matters to them. The health, culinary, and environmental benefits of Cultured Oil mean nothing if nobody buys it because it doesn’t adhere to their dietary restrictions, cultural traditions, or religions.

In order to hold ourselves accountable, we incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation in 2021. That means we have a legal responsibility to optimize not for profits, but for our plan to improve human and planetary health. We believe that receiving an OU certification is an increasingly important step towards creating a healthier world. Consumers trust and appreciate the value of OU certified foods which demand a high standard, transparency, and adherence to dietary restrictions – all of which we identify with here at Zero Acre Farms.