We wanted a better salt.  That’s why we created True Salt.

A few years ago, we embarked on a journey to find a sea salt that was clean, simple, packed with incredible flavor, and most importantly, good for you.   Our journeys took us to the Sea of Cortez where we met salt masters who had been sustainably cultivating and harvesting sea salt for generations.  It was in this place that we experienced how a true salt really tasted.

As we used it on meats, poultry, fish, veggies, tacos, and sweets, the depth of flavor was undeniable.  We immediately started collaborating with salt masters in these seaside communities and started sharing this sea salt with top chefs and restaurants around the country and the world.  We named our company after what we were sharing, True Salt.

Today, our mission is to bring to market the cleanest sea salt around that elevates taste buds as well as the mind, body, and soul.  We offer kosher grain, fine, coarse, and flake salt to consumers and restaurants around the country.

True Salt is all natural, unrefined, and unprocessed.  It’s free from all the things that people don’t want in their food and full of all the natural flavors that a real, true sea salt provides.  There are no processing chemicals, no anti-caking agents, and no bleaches in True Salt.

We value the importance of a kosher diet and respect the traditions of kosher preparation.  This is why we worked to ensure that all True Salt grains are OU Kosher certified.