In 2015, Jack McNamara, a former pro hockey player, realized a problem that extended beyond sports and well into daily life. An energy drink without spoonfuls of artificial sugars had become impossible to find. With no solution on the horizon, he hung up his skates on a mission to replace the billion dollar brands one can at a time. After securing a spot in Food-X, a global food focused accelerator in Manhattan, he surfed couches in the big apple to bring a better-for-you beverage into reality. He called the company “Tru” to embody the brand’s three pillars of honesty, inclusivity, and authenticity.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign thanks largely to the support of friends and family, the company launched its first product, a green tea energy shot. Soon after, the team began taking shape with a diverse group of athletes, entrepreneurs, and creatives coming together to build the brand. Emboldened by a passion for health, wellness, and nutrition, they started to cultivate a community by outreach, education, and delivering a great experience with each sip. Guided by the voice of its customers, the product pipeline quickly evolved from wellness shots to sparkling supplements with a flavor fit for everyone and every occasion. Strengthened by a unique value proposition that bonded flavor with function, customers traded in sugary favorites of the past for the future of fizz.

While the manufacturing of bubbles with benefits becomes core to the business model, the mission will always remain aligned to improving the future of food. With each ingredient sourced, the brand formulates without compromise to earn trust through transparency and loyalty through quality. Sunrise to sunset, Tru will continue to elevate every moment on shelves and in communities while inspiring others to do the same