TÖST was created to fill the immense space when the consumer wants something more than a seltzer but less than a juice, soda or alcoholic drink. Made from white tea, white cranberry and ginger, TÖST is dry, sparkling and nonalcoholic, with an excellent nose and a clean finish. It is a sophisticated beverage that pairs well with food, yet is all natural, healthy, not too sweet and can as easily be served at a 5 star restaurant or black tie celebration as at home with leftovers.

Upon launch in April 2017, TÖST quickly became a go-to choice for the growing number of consumers who were looking for an alternative to sugary drinks and soda water. In 2018, TÖST was named the winner of the Specialty Food Association’s SOFI Award for Best New Cold Beverage, a distinguished recognition of TÖST’s unique flavor and appeal.

Naturally sweetened, TÖST has only 45 calories in an 8 oz. serving. Available in 750 ml glass bottles and four-packs of 12 oz bottles, TÖST’s upscale packaging and branding make it a welcome addition to any table, for any occasion.

TÖST is proud to be awarded OU Kosher certification. Now TÖST can be enjoyed by the millions of people who adhere to the venerated tradition of kashrut. “We believe that TÖST truly is the one drink for everyone, for any time and any occasion,” says TÖST CEO Brooks Addington. “Displaying the Kosher symbol on our products opens up a whole new audience to the pleasure of enjoying TÖST, whether it is as an everyday treat or for a special seder dinner. Mazel Tov and Cheers!”