When you think of brownies, we want you to think of us. At The Killer Brownie® Co., we are the brownie specialists. We believe joyful moments are what gives life its richness. From crafting decadent gourmet brownies for you and your loved ones, to building a company of inclusion and opportunity, all our efforts are focused on making life’s moments more meaningful and fulfilling.

It all began in the bakery of our family’s specialty grocery store in 1988. The Killer Brownie® products grew to have such a large cult following that we branched out on our own. As a separate wholesale entity, we now offer our brownies to large and small retailers, bakeries, and restaurants across the United States and Eastern Canada.

Today we are a women-led gourmet brownie company with a focus on clean ingredients like sustainably sourced cocoa, 100% hormone-free butter, and unbleached and unbromated flour. We have a passion for building relationships with our beloved partners and developing custom products or programs that best suit their specific needs. Our brownies are sold in bulk foodservice slabs and retail ready packaging.







We are famous for our signature line of brownies that gave us our namesake, the Killer Brownie®. This product is a rich and unforgettable dessert experience. It is truly more than a brownie—multiple layers of fudgy brownie, stuffed with creamy caramel, and a variety of toppings and inclusions like Belgian chocolate chips, fresh and crunchy nuts, glittering sprinkles, Oreo® cookie and real M&M’S®. The signature Killer Brownie® product is a feature dessert that rivals more traditional dessert offerings. It is beautiful and photographable, and something your patrons will share again and again on social media. Our best-selling flavors are the Original, Cookie Dough, Salted Caramel, and Peanut Butter. These desserts are for the serious sweet lovers of the world, and are available in many more flavors.

Alternatively, we have a collection of traditional brownies, featuring the same love and care we put into crafting our signature line. These are single or double layer brownies using fudge, blonde, or old-fashioned recipes. Flavor varieties include our clean ingredient Fudge Brownie, Brookie Chocolate Chip, Kitchen Sink, Vegan, and many more.

We proudly became kosher certified in 2020 as a way to make our products more accessible to the Jewish community and further demonstrate our commitment to quality and food safety. All Killer Brownie® products are produced in accordance with the OU standards and we look forward to a continued relationship with the Orthodox Union.