Founded in 2015, SNACKLINS® began as a joke between friends to create a vegan pork rind. But that joke has gotten way out of hand.

Samy Kobrosly didn’t eat pork but he always loved a satisfying snack. After a move to the Washington, D.C. area and a five-year stint as morning radio personality “Samy K” on the nationally syndicated The Kane Show, Samy found purpose in food. That joke to create a plant-based version of a guilty pleasure became Samy’s obsession. He tested countless versions with chef friends who quickly began requesting his new snack for their bars and restaurants. Sensing something larger than an off-hours hobby, Samy incubated SNACKLINS® within Union Kitchen, the D.C.-based food accelerator and shared kitchen.

What had been created was a delicious, guilt-free chip made from real, fresh ingredients that a kid can pronounce: yuca, mushrooms, and onions. While traditional chips and so-called “healthy” snacks are high in calories, SNACKLINS® are only 80-90 calories for the whole bag.

Fast forward 5 years and shoppers can find SNACKLINS® online at, Amazon, and Thrive Market. SNACKLINS® are sold in stores including Whole Foods in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic US, Morton Williams, and Stop & Shop. If you live in the Mid-Atlantic or in DC, you can also find SNACKLINS® at MOM’s Organic Markets and YES! Organic Market.

SNACKLINS® are now available in four flavors: Barbeque, Vegan Nacho, Chesapeake Bay and Miso Ginger. All flavors are certified OU Kosher, Certified Non-GMO, gluten free, paleo-friendly, low calorie and only 2-3 points on Weight Watchers (WW).

After at least a year or more of many direct requests from SNACKLINS® consumers for a Kosher certification, SNACKLINS® decided to partner with OU. Not only was OU highly requested from their consumer base, but the certification helps the company to more broadly communicate the high quality of the product while effectively reaching the kosher consumer.