In 2017, two former Northeastern University students met outside of the dining hall and reminisced about their favorite childhood drink: chocolate milk. A tasty treat they hadn’t been able to enjoy for years because of their lactose intolerance, a condition shared by over 65% of people in the world.

These former students became co-founders of Slate. Slate is a high protein, low sugar, lactose free line of milks and lattes designed to give your body the strength and energy it needs to crush your day, all while enjoying that chocolatey taste you know and love.

By 2022, Slate has spread to over 4000 stores nationwide, and its online business has doubled in growth every year since its inception. The company is entirely remote, and has almost 50 employees across the country!


Slate makes three delicious flavors of chocolate milk, that all contain 20g protein, 0g added sugar, and are 100% lactose free.

Their Classic Chocolate is handcrafted to taste like your favorite milk chocolate treats, the Dark Chocolate is designed to match that ever-so-satisfying taste of a 72% cacao chocolate bar, and The Mocha Latte is chocolatey, delicious, and contains 175 mg of caffeine (Equivalent to 2 cups of coffee).

They are also releasing two new flavors later this year!


The ‘OU’ symbol on a product represents more than just being Kosher. It represents trust, convenience, and value. Consumers don’t want to spend time reading labels and trying to figure out if the product is right for them, they want to grab it and go. That ‘OU’ tells them everything they need to know, in a second.

Kosher products are globally recognized and the Kosher market is massive. Slate is proud to be a part of a constantly growing community and to share similar values with consumers seeking better quality products.

“We are honored to be an OU partner and have that stamp on our cans. It only further exemplifies our mission to create better, healthier, more sustainable products.” – Manny Lubin, Co-founder