The ShabBulb™ is the first of its kind Shabbos permissible lightbulb, developed by Sunshine Lighting, which allows for hiding, revealing, and dimming of the light in a Halachically acceptable manner.

Sunshine Lighting was founded in 1980 and grew at a rapid pace to become one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the United States, while still maintaining the personal touch with every customer.

In 1996, Sunshine Lighting began developing and manufacturing the Sunlite® brand, producing a wide range of products in the lighting field. The Sunlite® brand has gained a reputation of quality and affordability, and keeps up with the latest technologies to provide the most advanced products in the lighting industry.

At the end of 2016, Sunshine Lighting debuted the brand ShabBulb™ to bring to market a product that will not only allow for the manipulation of light in a Halachically permissible manner, but do so without any changes to one’s décor.

The ShabBulb™ is the same shape and size as an ordinary bulb, and fits into any standard lamp socket, so it can be used at home, on your travels, and abroad. Thanks to its unique, patented design, one simply installs the bulb like any ordinary lightbulb, and uses the lever on its side to manipulate the light output by covering the LED diodes hidden under its lens.

The challenges in creating such a bulb were immense, from both a safety and halachic perspective, but these challenges only served to ensure that the bulb would meet all safety standards (certified by ETL). From the start, leading authorities in Hilchos Shabbos were consulted and worked in tandem with the design team to eliminate any risks of violating Shabbos.

We sought out the most respectable kosher certifying agencies so that they may inspect the Shabbos bulb and approve of its design and permissibility. We are proud to have partnered with the OU, to emphasize our commitment to quality, and adherence to the strictest laws of Shabbos. By displaying the OU symbol, we assure our consumers that this product will enhance their Shabbos, without any sort of compromise on quality or Halacha.