Proleve Distribution is a US manufacturer of all-natural CBD products, using US grown CBD.  Offering the highest grade of all-natural CBD products available, Proleve allows customers to enjoy the natural benefits of hemp, worry-free.

Proleve was founded in Tampa, Florida in 2017 by President Jonathan Solomon.  After spending his career as a distributor of a wide range of other products – stem-cell supplements, nautical home accessories, even teddy bears – Solomon finally found his calling of helping people through the production and distribution of products containing the hemp extract CBD (Cannabidiol).  In 2019, the company partnered with Jerry Abramson of the Washington Group to help propel its positioning in the market.  Fast-forward to 2020 and Proleve now has a total of 24 employees, with products being sold in stores across the country and around the globe.

In January of 2020, under new rules that went into effect, Proleve became among the first CBD companies to be officially licensed and certified by Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).  This made Proleve an official state-approved source for food products containing CBD, in addition to being FDA-registered.  In an effort to make consumers feel safer and more confident in the products they purchased, Proleve helped lead the way within the industry in this new regulatory environment.


No matter the type of product, Proleve provides customers with the relief they need to alleviate stress and pain.  Product lines include tincture, salves, gummies, bath bombs, and much more.  All items are vegan, US grown, 100-percent natural, and third-party lab tested.  They also don’t produce the same high as THC-based products, and don’t require a medical marijuana card to purchase.

As a leader in the CBD industry, Proleve has partnerships both nationally and internationally reaching into regions where kosher-certification is important.  With that in mind, Proleve is proud to offer only products that are OU Kosher.  This designation highlights Proleve’s commitment to quality CBD products and ability to help all people, regardless of restriction, around the world.  Visit Proleve Distribution online to learn more.