Pom Wonderful: The Kosher Advantage


The Rise of POM Wonderful

After purchasing a pistachio orchard called Wonderful Pistachios, founder Lynda Rae Resnick discovered the land also had pomegranate trees. She began sponsoring medical research on the health benefits of pomegranates and later decided to launch a pomegranate juice beverage.

The product launched in stores in 2002. Just one year later sales increased from $12 million to $91 million.

Companies Like POM Wonderful Recognize the Kosher Advantage

During the company’s impressive growth phase, the emerging beverage company partnered with OU—the world’s largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency—to add its kosher symbols to all products.

“Often labels will sport an ‘O’ with a ‘U’ inside. This is the stamp of approval of the largest kosher-certification body, and basically means there’s no need to read the label….”  — Wall Street Journal

Over $150 billion in kosher certified products are consumed annually and there is clear evidence that kosher symbols boost market share—a kosher product will outperform a non-Kosher product by 20%.

Pom Wonderful OU kosher certification

OU Signifies Quality

And because the OU carefully reviews all ingredients and production practices before granting its seal, consumers trust the OU seal.

OU certification is a widely recognized symbol of quality by food industry personnel, kosher inspectors, and shoppers. When brands like POM Wonderful work with OU, their products become an easy first choice, particularly for the kosher consumer.

POM Wonderful Today

POM Wonderful is part of The Wonderful Company, a private company with $4 billion in annual revenue and 8,500 employees worldwide. Today, the company owns over 9,000 acres of pomegranate trees, where they grow, harvest, process, and ship their own pomegranates and pomegranate beverages to over 50 countries around the world. They now have seven different beverages and produce whole pomegranates as well as snack-size packs of seeds.

Pom Wonderful pomegranates OU kosher certification