The PlantFusion Story:

We are as authentic as our roots:  Our founders grew up in the health food business. They worked in their families’ health food stores more than 3,000 miles apart. Their stores catered to a small group of unique consumers who were passionate about the source of their food and eliminating artificial ingredients and unwanted impurities.  As they continued their careers in natural products as “Health Foodies”, they crossed paths and shared their frustration over the unmet need they both had for authentic plant-based products that tasted great.  This sparked a never ending obsession to develop authentic plant-based, nutrient dense, allergen free products that delight the senses.  In essence, a Fusion of unique ingredients, flavors and texture.  They embarked on a journey to deliver Complete Nourishment – Nourishment that would be broader than just nutrition or a list of vitamins, minerals and ingredients.

Today, we at PlantFusion continue the obsession to craft nutritional foods and supplements that nourish, restore and delight the senses with our core line of plant-based powders, as well as our recent innovative products such as Complete Collagen Builder and Vegan Vitamins and Minerals. PlantFusion is the only family of plant-based products that offers complete nourishment from a fusion of amazing tasting and nutrient-dense ingredients. Only PlantFusion has the proprietary Flavor Pure™ natural flavor profile, Select Source™ process, and a Purity Promise™ that guarantees ingredient integrity and transparency.

·        Flavor Pure: It’s all about taste – the world’s first flavor blend to include the organic sweeteners lucuma and yacon, combined with natural flavors for delicious taste and smooth texture

·        Select Source: Better nutrition comes from better ingredients – our obsession led to a process that takes us beyond “traditional protein” with new algae, chickpea, and nutrient-dense ingredients like organic vitamins

·        Purity Promise: The only leading brand of plant-based products self-manufactured in our own Triple Certified facility right here in the USA

In 2019 PlantFusion became OU Kosher certified.  As we work to deliver Complete Nourishment to consumers, we believe OU Kosher certification is critically important so that Kosher consumers are able to benefit from our products.   At PlantFusion we believe every transparent detail counts as we personally craft each product by selecting the seeds, plants and final ingredients.  This fusion of unique ingredients and flavors provides Complete Nourishment.