Pittsburgh Pickle Company’s story began when three brothers and Pittsburgh-natives decided to open a bar in the Strip District, known as The BeerHive. They wanted to sell fried pickles as an appetizer but didn’t like the pickles they would buy from other companies.

The pickles they bought would fall apart in their deep fryer or were laced with artificial chemicals and preservatives. The brothers felt strongly that their focus was on all-natural food, so they decided to make their own pickles.

As the brothers grew their bar, the public’s interest in their pickles grew as well. Customers began asking to take jars of the pickles home, which is when the brothers knew they were on to something. They moved production to the basement of their local church soon after.

In 2014, the legal entity of Pittsburgh Pickle Company was created as they officially began hand-forging food worthy of the City of Champions. Since then, production has moved to a facility in Verona, PA, where they make a few thousand retail units per week.

Their signature product is the pickle flavor they created years ago for their bar, known as Pittsburgh Style. In 2019, their Pittsburgh Style spears were the best-selling locally made pickles in PA. They make three other dill-icious flavors of pickles – Dill Mill, Fire & Smoke, and Better Bread and Butter.

In addition to their pickles, they make an outstanding Bloody Mary mix. They call it Briney Mary, because they take the highest quality ingredients for a Bloody Mary mix, and then infuse our signature pickle brine into the recipe. Their mix was the only entrant awarded with 2 platinum medals at this year’s Drunken Tomato Awards, ranking it the #1 mix in the country. If you enjoy a good Bloody, we highly recommend you give this mix a try!

Recently, they received Kosher Certification from The Orthodox Union. “It’s certainly a crowning achievement for us to have our products finally registered, as this is something we’ve wanted for a long time,” said Evan Pohl, Pittsburgh Pickle Company’s Sales and Marketing Manager.

Pittsburgh Pickle Company hopes this will open the door for many consumers who follow strict kosher law to consider trying their products. “We know we make some exceptional stuff, and we’re glad to know that an entirely new audience can now safely enjoy our products knowing we’re keeping up with the kosher regulations,” said Pohl.

“We hope the Kosher-community appreciates what we love making!” – Pittsburgh Pickle Company