Our Story

No Cow was founded in 2015 by then 18-year-old serial entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, Daniel “D” Katz, after realizing he had a dairy sensitivity. After failing to find a low sugar, plant-based protein bar on the market, D began developing the No Cow bar. The No Cow bar became the symbol of D’s ultimate goal to create high protein, low sugar, plant-based active nutrition products with great taste and texture to help support customers’ healthy lifestyles.


The No Cow Way

We get you. We’ll spot you. And we’ll always tell it to you straight. We get after it. We’re motivated, positive and genuinely real. We’re the workout partner that delivers what you need. We bring the protein. The fuel. The self-driven confidence it takes to pursue a different path. We’re workout fans, not freaks. So we leave hardcore and gritty to the other guys, and choose to live a life full of flavor. A little swagger makes the daily grind more fun. And if we ever get too full of ourselves, go ahead and call us on it. That’s the No Cow Way — live it with us. You set the bar, we’ll help you get up and over it.



Making It (OU)fficial

Customers asked, we listened. We’re pumped to be partnering with Orthodox Union to certify our protein bars OU Kosher. We’re all about making the best products we can—and that means making our bars accessible to as many protein fanatics as possible.

Please note that all No Cow products must bear an OU symbol to be considered Kosher.