If you’ve ever experienced the stress and frustration related to a low milk supply, then you may recognize Jenny’s story.

Shortly after giving birth to her first child Kaela, Jenny noticed a drop in her milk supply.  Worried that she wouldn’t be able to provide enough milk for her baby, she became determined to find a natural solution to safely and quickly boost her supply.  She soon learned that she was not alone, and that millions of mothers had experienced the same frustrations and challenges that Jenny had experienced as a new mom when it came to low milk production.

With that, in 2014 Mommy Knows Best was conceived. Mommy Knows Best empowers all moms with the tools and resources necessary to give your newborn the best start in life! From an assortment of delicious lactation cookies to supplements and beyond, our products contain all natural herbal remedies traditionally and effectively used for generations to treat low milk supply.

Whether you’re a new mom or a pro, Mommy Knows Best gives you plenty of options, all of which are created with the health and safety of both baby and mom in mind.

As Mommy Knows Best has grown, we have continually improved and expanded our product line to fit the needs of all moms.

We now have  Kosher certification on All Natural Brewer’s Yeast. We are so excited to widen our market and serve even more moms!

Having several of our products certified as OU Kosher was the next step for us in ensuring that our products can be consumed by as many moms as possible, no matter their dietary choices. It feels amazing to be a part of the OU Kosher community. Mommy Knows Best not only has products to help boost milk supply but we truly care about empowering our moms’ journeys, and that starts with making products available for all dietary needs.