The Taste That Takes You Back

Our SIMPLE cocoa mix is made from the finest ingredients in the world. No artificial anything. We use a high-quality whole milk powder as the base of our mix, so you just add water. Easy and convenient! Our recipe is beautifully balanced to produce a rich, deep chocolate flavor in every cup. Add Mike and Jen’s Cocoa Mix to your coffee for a delicious and creamy Mocha. There is no other cocoa mix like it, and frankly we think it’s the best in the world.

We know the Kosher shopper is looking for a product they feel good about. Because the OU carefully reviews all ingredients and production practices before granting its seal, Mike and Jen’s Cocoa Mix is quickly becoming the household brand of Hot Cocoa.

It all began in 2012. As a dad of 2 young kids, Mike, and Jen, I always kept a giant tub of big-brand cocoa handy for any occasion. One cold evening, I started reading the label on the back of the container. Dipotassium Phosphate? Acesulfame? Polysorbate? What are all these chemicals? The scientist in me kicked in and I said to the kids, how about we make our own mix! One that tastes great and uses the highest of quality ingredients, without the artificial stuff.

The rest of that winter, and well into spring, I tracked down 65 cocoa powders from all over the world. It became a family project. After refining our SIMPLE 5 INGREDIENT MIX, we started giving it to family and friends. Before we knew it, stores were asking to sell it, and in a flash, we found ourselves here today. Selling our simple cocoa mix in over 400 retail locations.

Nearly 10 years after we first started our family-business, drinking Mike and Jen’s Hot Cocoa truly makes us all feel like kids again. The taste that takes you back.