Massimo Gusto Premium Oils Announces OU Kosher Certification

BMA USA, Inc. announced today it strengthened its category leading portfolio of premium edible oils. The brand names of Massimo Gusto, MG, Milano Plus and Oliverda Sana, now in partnership with the Orthodox Union (OU), completed the kosher certification process and will now bear the OU symbol across the entire line of products. Kosher consumers can now enjoy their versatility, superior quality and taste while choosing from the following oils.

Sweet Almond Oil

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil Infused with Garlic

Canola Oil

Organic Canola Oil

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with delicious flavors

Flax Seed Oil

Pure Grape Seed Oil

Peanut Oil

Rice Bran Oil

Safflower Oil

Roasted Sesame Oil

Sunflower Oil

Organic Sunflower Oil

Walnut Oil

Custom Blended Oils


BMA offers the best products at the best price and now oils with the highest kosher certification. We are very proud of this prestigious accomplishment and to be able to make these offerings available to help meet the needs of consumers who maintain kosher diets. OU, the world’s largest kosher certifying agency, is seen as the hallmark kosher certification by many consumers.


BMA is a direct from the grower bulk importer of premium edible oils from all over the world. BMA’s bottling facility is in Van Nuys, California where in addition to its brands, BMA also bottles many private label oils.

Family owned and operated, BMA is a powerhouse, one able to react quickly and because of its direct connections to growers a company with enormous buying power.

BMA oils can be found on the shelf at many major supermarket chains. For More Information visit:

ABOUT ORTHODOX UNION The Orthodox Union, known by the OU symbol, is the world’s largest kosher and best-known certification organization. Founded in 1898, the OU and its more than 500 employees certify 1,193,492 products and ingredients in more than 83 countries.