Machalico Since 1963 is a leading company in cultivation of aromatic plantations with the highest and safest techniques , practicing complete physical and chemical analyses.

The company imposes a consistent system of standards for the good manufacture and safe products of essential oils and concrete either by extraction or distillation. Machalico
affirm values of integrity, respect for people, customer focus, community, performance,continuous improvement, leadership and quality, to exceed the expectations of our customers. Machalico has agreements with Geranium producers of Beni-Souef in Egypt.
This region produces about 90% of the Egyptian Geranium Oil.
This Geranium oil is produced by small distillation units, (Like lavandin in France)

Each unit is capable to produce about 2 tons of Geranium oil per year.
The units contracted by MACHALICO allow to export about 20 tons of Geranium oil per year.