Kosher Arabia is a Joint Venture between Emirates Flight Catering and CCL Holdings Founded by Ross Kriel. Kosher Arabia operates the largest kosher facility in the UAE and GCC region based at Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport Dubai South. Kosher Arabia was first conceived by Ross Kriel and Saeed Mohammed, CEO of EKFC, in 2016, predating the Abraham Accords by 4 years. Kosher Arabia represents the massive change that is sweeping through the Arab world.

The Kosher Arabia facility is 10,000 Sq ft of production space with an operational team of 20 chefs and the capacity to produce 2,000 meals per shift. Kosher Arabia produces generous, fresh and tasty food that is wholesome, with bright flavors and energy. Kosher Arabia has designed its eco-friendly packaging to comply with the highest level of kashrut and to provide ergonomic ease of use to make food service and dining better.

Products have been developed in order to service the entire hospitality industry, including airlines, hotels, cruise liners, restaurants, private clients, mega events as well as online and instore retail.

Kosher Arabia is jointly certified by the OU and South-African UOS. Certification from the OU is crucial considering that the OU are the market leaders in kosher certification world-wide, certifying over a million products globally. The depth and breadth of experience the OU provides, as well as some of the best poskim in the Jewish world to help problem solve and trouble shoot halachic issues as they arise is incredibly important to Kosher Arabia.