Jus by Julie: The Kosher Advantage


The Rise of Jus by Julie

In 2011, Julie Maleh, a certified health coach, and mother of five began blending up smoothies at 4 a.m. every morning for her family and community. Her goal? To create a way for her family and friends live a healthier, more balanced life. She would deliver her smoothies (which she called Julie’s JUS) door-to-door, developing a close relationship with her community and understanding what people really wanted from healthy food.

The product line has since expanded, offering vegan soups, superfood Booster Shots, probiotic cold brew, and more. Despite the growth, all products are still made with nature’s finest fruits and vegetables to ensure each item is packed with vitamins and nutrients.

The Role of the OU

Partnering with OU—the world’s largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency—to certify their full line of offerings as kosher helped the company further expand their business.

It’s clear to founder Julie Maleh that her customers are looking for healthy Kosher options. Elliot Maleh, Julie’s son and the manager of her Cedarhurst, Brooklyn location, told Jewish Action: “About 90 percent of the stores’ business is Orthodox. Business picks up dramatically post-holiday and post-Shabbat.”

Companies Like Jus by Julie Recognize the Kosher Advantage

“Often labels will sport an ‘O’ with a ‘U’ inside. This is the stamp of approval of the largest kosher-certification body, and basically means there’s no need to read the label….”  — Wall Street Journal

Over $150 billion in kosher certified products are consumed annually and there is clear evidence that kosher symbols boost market share—a kosher product will outperform a non-Kosher product by 20%.

At Jus by Julie, they know that the kosher certification is an extremely important tool to enhance their products’ marketability.

Jus by Julie products OU kosher certification

OU Signifies Quality

And because the OU carefully reviews all ingredients and production practices before granting its seal, consumers trust the OU seal.

OU certification is a widely recognized symbol of quality by food industry personnel, kosher inspectors, and shoppers. When brands like Jus by Julie work with OU, their products become an easy first choice, particularly for the kosher consumer.

Jus by Julie Today

Seven years later, Jus by Julie has successfully brought the juice craze to the Kosher market. In addition to the one, three, and five day juice cleanses, the company also offers fresh smoothies, booster shots, coffee, probiotics, soup, and snacks. These products are served at Jus by Julie’s six stores in the New York metro area and from their food truck. They are also available nationwide at Whole Foods and on their website.

Jus by Julie lemon OU kosher certification